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    Speech recognition

    I use the onboard mic. works good for me. I dont use it in SBs though.
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    Keeping SP3 from sleeping

    Yeah, I want to hear emails come in. Not just when I wake the screen.
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    Keeping SP3 from sleeping

    Hi, Can someone explain why I cant keep my SP3 on with the screen off when its charging? It looks like its missing power settings that I had with my SP. Thanks! Charlie
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    Brand new SP3 i7 will not charge.

    thats crazy. i cant believe they would ship it with no charge. thanks!
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    Brand new SP3 i7 will not charge.

    Hi, I just opened the box and the SP3 would not turn on. I plugged it and it turned on but it said "plugged in not charging" with battery at 0%. I restarted it and now it says "plugged in charging" and it seems to be charging. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I'm worried I got a bad...
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    quick question regarding reset

    I need to reset my SP. its all goobered up. What is the best way to do this? I want to make sure I get all the updates and 8.1 back on before I start loading programs. Is there a preferred method for forcing all the updates at once? Thanks guys/gals! curney
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    32GB Dell Venue 8 Pro for 249.99 @ Microcenter

    Does anybody have one of these yet? I got mine yesterday and I love it.
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    I broke

    I tried to out think Skydrive and I think I broke it. When 8.0 came out, the desktop app wouldnt upload everything I wanted and I added some script (not mine) to add other folders to Skydrive. Now, its a buggered up. two things are going on. First, I removed everything from the app and it...
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    Wifi Driver failure within an hour after 8.1 update on Surface Pro

    Thank you! that worked how do you check the speed?
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    Wifi Driver failure within an hour after 8.1 update on Surface Pro

    Hi, about an hour after i updated to 8.1 my wifi broke. Im getting ""This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)" in the device manager for the Marvell Avastar 350N. I got the most current driver .cab file...
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    Adobe XI signatures

    I do this in XI pro and just save it as a pdf. I do have to right click and delete the special field first, but I only have 2 and a signature per document.
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    Adobe XI signatures

    I use XI and it kills me that I can't just use the stylus. lame. I right click to delete the special fields and then have the client initial or sign in the space. its a real signature and its saved digitally but I don't think its what you want. There doesn't seem to be a "legit" option.
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    otterbox type bump case for Pro?

    I just carry it in my hand but it does have a hand strap on the back.
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    otterbox type bump case for Pro?

    Perry, I bought this and it works great. place to hold the pen and a better hinge angle. Me and a few other home inspectors are using it here. : MoKo Rotatory Detachable Type / Touch Keyboard Cover Companion Sleeve Case for Microsoft Surface Pro / Surface Pro 2 10.6" Inch Windows...
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    power covers coming

    @oion +1 all the way. All good options. I might make my sp1 my backup and get the sp2 if all the accessories still fit and work. haswell with 8gigs of ram and 128GB for 999 would be pretty hard to pass up. maybe 1099 for the extra bump in Ram..

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