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    How to perform clean install of Windows 81. RTM and activate it

    All I did was uncompressed the iso file and run setup.. works great.. haven't had time to fully play with it yet.
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    surface pro + Adobe Master Collection CS6=?

    Personally I use LR and Photoshop CS6 on my SP when I am out/coffeeshop/trips and do not have any issues with it.. I love the new wacom drivers for it.. the only thing left (IMO) is pinch to zoom and I think PS would be complete on the SP. :)
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    Well...lost my stylus today...that was bound to happen...

    I have that bamboo stylus... and love it... but no eraser option :(
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    Post pictures of your surface Pro

    Which printers are those... cp800 or 900.. and if those are 900, how did you make it work with windows8?

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