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    WTH Microsoft - Reservation Pass

    My Microsoft store never asked me which model I wanted (64gb or 128gb) to reserve when I received my reservation pass earlier this week. Yesterday somebody from the store called me confirming that I would still be purchasing one and which specific model I wanted. I informed them that I wanted...
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    Thicker Keyboard w/ an extra battery a possibility?? Surface Team vaguely says yes!

    Here is another response from the surface team regarding the connector on bottom of the Surface pro: [–]e9G7ymWec4svnd6Cq9A9 4 points 1 hour ago What are the new connectors on the bottom of the Surface Pro for? SurfaceTeam[S] 17 points 1 hour ago Wow - I'm pumped you caught that - we haven't...
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    Thicker Keyboard w/ an extra battery a possibility?? Surface Team vaguely says yes!

    The Surface Team did a Q&A today on reddit where prospective users could ask them questions regarding the Surface pro. I read most of them but the response that, I was interested was this one: [–]irishchug 4 points 57 minutes ago Does Microsoft have any plans for an external battery or for a...
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    Surface Reservation Pass

    I agree but it doesn't hurt to get the reservation pass just in case. The employees that worked in the Microsoft store near me did not seem to worried. In fact, I told them that I wanted to reserve the 128gb Surface Pro and they told me not to worry that they will have plenty and that I didn't...
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    Surface Pro Available on Feb 9th.

    You can go to the Microsoft store and get a reservation pass to guarantee that they will have a surface pro for you on February 9th. I went today and received mine and will be at the store on February 9th to pick mine up.
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    Surface Reservation Pass

    Here is the picture. Sorry for the quality my iPad's camera is not very good.
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    Surface Reservation Pass

    I went to my local Microsoft store and asked for a reservation pass to make sure they had a Surface Pro for me on February 9th, 2013. To be honest, I think they will have plenty in stock but just in case I got one. It was pretty painless, the Microsoft reps where more worried about working on...

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