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    Odd SP6 upgrade "option" + dock question

    According to Microsoft's website, the "i7 upgrade" gets you "UHD graphics". I assume this is falsehood? As all should have HD620 graphics correct? Any way to check detailed specs comparison side by side? I don't see any on microsoft's website. Second: I just sold my SP3 and am thinking...
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    Surface Pro 5 Discussion

    12.5" screen, same form factor, better battery life if possible. would like it to continue with backwards compatibility (dock, pen, keyboards). im generally very happy with the surfaces' features and size. USB-C would be okay, but i see the device being replaced before any real need for it...
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    how do you protect your surface 3?

    when im not using it, its in my storm solo sling bag. i have no covers or skins on it and besides a couple bumps and bruises, it has been fine. the keyboard cover has been more than enough for me
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    SP2 upgrade to SP4 what are the differences

    ... better and bigger keyboard/trackpad with optional fingerprint reader, thinner and lighter but larger footprint, different pen technology, better pen tracking, pen/office integration, front-facing speakers,no more capacitive start button
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    SP 4 Core M3 vs SP3 Core i5?

    ditto. i3 has been a great companion. as long as you dont need to connect an array of high res monitors. fanless design is as nice perk in the core m as well, but i'm a little concerned with the increased resolution (+60%) combined with a similar, possibly lower-performing CPU
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    Who's getting one?

    As long as reviews are on point, im def getting the new cover with FP reader and pen for my i3 sp3.
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    SP3 vs SP4

    It's been speculated that it will share the same form factor as the SP3. It'd be nice if the screen was a little larger but fit the same footprint. I do not believe this will be a tempting upgrade for a happy SP3 user. However, I'm interested as I dropped my poor baby and the screen now has a...
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    heads up. wont last long. SP3 dock at amazon for $110 (free SSS/Prime) edit: keeps going in and out of stock. this link shows all sellers, keep refreshing
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    Windows 10 has a built-in keylogger, and allows your facebook 'friends' access to your wifi.

    That makes me feel a little better. I'm wondering about the updates as well. I completely disable mine because of bad experiences of "snoozing" the updates until I forget and lose something I was doing. Not to mention the updates that break some drivers or other features. Is there really no way...
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    Windows 10 has a built-in keylogger, and allows your facebook 'friends' access to your wifi.

    ...among other things, like having ads on the start menu, having no option to turn off sending your data to MS, and no way to turn off automatic updates. I just found this now. If some of this is not the whole story, then I'd be interested in hearing about it/discussion (not trying to be a scare...
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    LTE or not LTE?

    T-Mobile does offer 200MB of data for free for tablets, which is enough for emails and occasional light browsing. I currently get 1GB of LTE for free through freedompop for my "emergency" needs (plus 1GB more for free if I need it), so If I do grab a surface 3, LTE will be a tough decision.
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    i3 Surface Pro 3 vs 4GB Surface 3

    I know about the importance of architecture, but given that the atom is a newer model, as well as a quad core with up to a 60% clock advantage I would think it could come close enough to the i3 for the majority of uses.
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    i3 Surface Pro 3 vs 4GB Surface 3

    I'm quite happy with my i3, for some uses it doesn't make sense to splurge for an i5 or higher. Some B&M's made it possible to get them really cheap ($580 last summer at Best Buy + almost $60 in rewards). I do hope they keep the lower-end 12" models available. Main reason I'm considering the...
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    SP4 may have NO Ports, Zero, None.

    i guess i walked right into that one

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