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    Intel HD custom color settings not loaded after wake/boot

    I just noticed this, may have been happening all along when using the Intel display drivers. When my SP2 wakes or boots I have to manually apply my preferred custom color settings for Intel HD Graphics every time. I have a X1 Carbon Touch with an older Intel HD graphics chip and it keeps my...
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    Roku 3 + Miracast

    Has worked perfectly with my SP2. I picked up a Roku 3 once the Miracast firmware became available, I've been projecting successfully from my SP2 to my Panasonic Plasma ever since.
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    Lost graphics option from desktop right click menu

    You should also be able to roll back to 3431 via the Device Manager.
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    who's NOT upgrading to sp3?

    To be fair I can see why people wanted to buy the SP3 and if not for getting feedback from early adopters we wouldn't know what we know now. The early reviewers didn't mention heat or throttling as most don't use the machine as a power user would.
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    who's NOT upgrading to sp3?

    Looks like the SP3 has some very aggressive throttling in place. It may be "too" thin for Haswell, at least with the current cooling. Wait for Broadwell it is.
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    Surprisingly Bad Gaming Performance

    If the amount of throttling remains then the i7 version won't be worth buying. The new "form" is screaming for Broadwell.
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    Surprisingly Bad Gaming Performance

    Measure the CPU GPU when playing a game and I bet you'll see throttling, so no video drivers won't make a difference. It will be up to MS to back off on how much throttling occurs and when. Didn't the original SP have significant throttling when it first came out?
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    Surprisingly Bad Gaming Performance

    There is probably some aggressive throttling currently in place.
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    who's NOT upgrading to sp3?

    I know the new screen ratio makes for a better tablet experience, now much better in portrait, but I do like 16:9 as I watch a lot of video on my SP2 especially now with the World Cup. I'm not a fan of the black bars which always seem to show the flaws that commonly appear at the edges of an...
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    who's NOT upgrading to sp3?

    If it used Broadwell I probably would even though I'm very happy with my SP2. Since it is still a Haswell device I view the SP3 as an introductory product and not an upgrade.
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    New firmware = bad upload speed

    No issues other than the crap video driver, rolled back to March's 3431. Intel's latest worked fine but I prefer the colors with the MS version, except for June's of course.
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    8.1 Update 1 fixes tap and drag!!!

    Yup finally have tap and drag with the Type 2, my 8.1 update didn't come until later in the day. This morning I had several updates but no tap and drag so that tipped me off I hadn't received the update to 8.1 yet. Then this afternoon it came down and it took a while, also you can tell when...
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    Another SP2 Mystery Update

    I've only had it occur when I rolled back a driver or when I disabled the media keys for the Touch Cover, to combat the auto mute issue, in the Device Manager.
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    I love sitting next to folks with iPads.

    I picked up a white Touch Cover, wanted the extra mobility and since I usually only do light typing it would do the job. Anyway, when I brought it into work the Apple users took notice, "that's so cool". I was thinking, I've brought my SP2 with my purple Type 2 plenty of times, is it because...
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    Another SP2 Mystery Update

    Yup usually a driver, you may have chosen a driver that MS doesn't view as the latest or you disabled something in the device manager.