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    How's your docking station working?

    I was afraid you got a lemon when you had the problem originally. Strangely I've had problems with my dock but only with the Surface Pro (1) not the Pro 2. The display never quite worked... The monitor turns on and it acts like there's a signal but it's totally blank. With the Pro 2 it...
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    Docking Stations are Here!

    $199.99 + tax & shipping. Mine shipped on 10/24.
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    How do I upgrade to RT 8.1 if I had preview?

    I had the same problem but then, somehow, I got to the store from the link here: Update from Windows 8.1 Preview to Windows 8.1 - Microsoft Windows Help and it finally worked once. Strangely I think it took longer to update the 8.1 preview than 8.0.
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    Surface RT for Schools?

    Exactly. You can just pin the web page to the start menu and call it an 'app' if you want. I do that for FaceBook :) No need for a separate "app" when I have a full browser.
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    Flash on Surface RT

    Hi Bruce, The Surface RT is flash capable. As others mentioned there is a 'black list' that Microsoft uses to prohibit some sites from working. Otherwise the vast majority of flash-enabled sites work fine on my Surface RT. I was able to connect to the site and I was...
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    Pre-Sale Questions / Surface pro

    Well, you're really missing out. W8 works really well in 'touch mode' but also includes desktop mode (Win-D) so you get the best of both. But yes, you can install classic shell if you want. It's basically the same as 64bit Windows 7 in regards to what you can run. So practically any...
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    Outlook for Windows RT?

    Looks like it may be coming after all!! Microsoft to include Outlook app with update to Windows 8 RT - Network World
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    How often do you really use your pen?

    No, the Bamboo Fell does not have an eraser. I use it mostly for OneNote so I select the eraser if I need to erase.
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    How often do you really use your pen?

    Try the Wacom Bamboo Feel stylus ( I find it has a more paper-like feel when writing on glass. Plus it looks pretty good, too.
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    Note taking app needed

    OneNote is by far the best application for note taking hands down. Nothing comes close. I used to take notes with pen-and-paper or using Word. But keeping all the notes organized was impossible and syncing was out of the question. The day I got my surface pro I started using OneNote and I...
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    Pro awake and warm in my bag

    I've had this happen a few times as well, and I put the Pro to sleep before I leave work. At least twice I've gotten home to have a very warm Surface in the incipio bag. It's happened enough that I turn of the Surface when I leave work now...
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    And its out of stock...

    The bad news is it's still out of stock online. The good news is my local Microsoft store got a few 128gb Pros this morning so I returned my 64gb Pro and took a 128gb model with me. So if you're lucky enough to live near a Microsoft retail store call them and ask.
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    The best way to get one

    Go to your local Microsoft store and ask them. I found my local (Chicago) had just received a few 128gb Pros this morning. So I happily returned my 64gb model and took one of the 128gb Surface Pros off their hands.
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    And its out of stock...

    Yes, but between the time I put it in my cart and I checked out -- it had gone out of stock again :( I still have it in my cart and I try every now and then to purchase it with no luck.
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    Surface Pro 128GB -- Early reactions . . .

    It will, but slowly. And if you're using your Pro it may still discharge faster than you're charging it.

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