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    Jumpy trackpad?

    The trackpad issue was only on some units. Magazines that received two reported the later units did not exhibit it. And apparently there is a software fix for the preproduction units that do have a problem.
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    Surface Book with new dock

    Pete, leave it open and enjoy the benefits of three monitors! That's my setup at work, and I love being able to leave email or reference documents open on the smallest monitor.
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    Hands-on Surface Book review

    Was at the mall today trying to buy my first suit in about 15 years because my wife won a Major Award and I get to go to her ceremony and stopped by the Microsoft Store just to see if they had a Surface Book in. They did! And I have to say, seeing it in person, it doesn't disappoint at all...
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    Full-screen game scaling issue (Civ: Beyond Earth)

    Having a technical issue with this in my Surface Pro 3.... I tend to run games at lower than the native 2160x1440 resolution as the text gets pretty tiny even when the unit can keep a decent frame rate at higher resol. When I run, say, Kerbal Space Program full-screen at a lower-resolution, the...
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    So who's doing the "line thing" at an MS Store on the 20th?

    Bellevue Square in Washington.
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    So who's doing the "line thing" at an MS Store on the 20th?

    a bunch of folks found it line-worthy... And we got swag!
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    So who's doing the "line thing" at an MS Store on the 20th?

    Word from previous releases was that the line was @100 people long, but they were super-efficient and had worked through the preorder line within a half-hour of opening. Be interesting to see how this one compares, given that it's the most exciting Surface device yet, but it's also relatively...
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    So who's doing the "line thing" at an MS Store on the 20th?

    Preordered in person last week to avoid the shipping/tracking/waiting-for-the-delivery-guy stress. I've stood in line for an Apple product, so the least I can do is reciprocate for Microsoft. I ordered from the Bellevue store, which in retrospect was dumb because it's the closest to the...
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    By the 20th?

    Not useless for games, though. I'm getting the SP3 to replace an HP Spectre 13 X2 -- similar but slightly slower than an SP3 -- and it runs Kerbal Space Program, Civ 5, and a bunch of indy games from Steam with no problem. No, you won't run new games like Watch_Dogs at full res and high...