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    Docking Station - Annoying Morning Ritual

    Strange. I have 2 DELL monitors connected with daisy chain to docking station and every morning I just put my surface to docking station and everything works. Experienced only one problem: skype does not switch to external micro (I have webcam connected to docking) and I need to restart skype...
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    Intel HD Graphics Driver saturation reset

    Windows installed intel drivers again via own update service. and you need to uninstall it and install Intel provided version. But I`m expirienced similar problem and cannot find the way to disable windows autoupdate for this driver. Maybe someone know how to do it.
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    Run fan manually

    Yes, I`m running windows 10 right now and fan works the same as on previous OS version. But I made clean windows 10 install because had problems with drivers and VirtualBox. You may try to make factory reset.
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    Run fan manually

    I`m using dockstation when working and experience throttling sometimes, that`s why I was wondering if it possible to run fan permanently somehow.
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    Run fan manually

    Is it possible to run fan manually or reduce temp values when fan should be started?
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    Using Surface Pro 3 as Extended Display for PC

    You can. Try splashtop app for it.

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