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    PSA: Windows 10 Will No Longer Be FREE Starting July 29th

    Here's a quick PSA reminder: Starting July 29th, Microsoft's Windows 10 will no longer be a free download. After that date the regular retail price will apply. For Windows 10 Home that will be $119, and for the Pro version it will be $119. You have just a few days to get off the fence one way or...
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    Pokemon Go Prototype on HoloLens Brings the Addiction to Life

    As if Pokemon Go wasn't already addictive enough for many folks, some crafty engineers are taking it to a whole new level. Developers from Koder and Capitola VR came up with VR/AR prototypes of the game to be used with Microsoft Hololens. Just watch the video above to see it in action. Source: BGR
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    Windows 10 Anniversary Update: The new features heading your way

    Microsoft is marking the first birthday of Windows 10 by giving the OS a major upgrade. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update will add a variety of features to the OS, as well as extending and fixing what's already there. The detail of what will be included in the free update — due to drop on...
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    Get a Free Xbox One when Buying a Surface Pro 4

    Microsoft is tempting students to buy a Surface Pro 4 this week with a new promotion running at its retail stores in the US. The software maker is taking $300 off when students buy a Surface Pro 4 and Xbox One. "So basically a free Xbox One with the purchase of a Surface Pro 4," says Terry...
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    Windows 10 Anniversary Update Rolling Out August 2nd

    Microsoft announced that they will be pushing out a Windows 10 Anniversary update to all owners of Windows 10. This update will be downloadable for free starting August 2nd, 2016. The update includes a fairly significant number of new features. Here's a breakdown: Improved security included in...
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    Microsoft Hints at 'Surface Phone' Innovations; Will Discontinue Surface 3 This Year

    "Microsoft has been rumoured to be working on the Surface Phone for quite some time now, and it is expected to unveil it in early 2017. Now, the company's Corporate VP of Windows Kevin Gallo has shed some more light on what Microsoft has in mind when it comes to its future smartphone offering -...
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    Xbox Branded Pot in the Future? Microsoft Invests in a Legal Weed Startup

    Microsoft just invested in a startup company called "Kind." What makes this newsworthy is that this company's purpose is to track marijuana plants from "seed to sale," and help legal dealers comply with laws. Yep... it's a legal pot company. Microsoft can do this because the sale of marijuana is...
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    Microsoft is Acquiring LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

    Here's a play from out of left field that comes as a surprise. Microsoft is acquiring LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion USD. Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella believes that LinkedIn is a prefect for Microsoft, and we can see his point. Microsoft has been focusing on the enterprise market more and more...
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    Facebook will Now Let You Post Videos in Comments

    Just in case you want to create even more videos to share across the interwebs, now Facebook will let you add them to your comments and replies to other folks' Facebook posts. Here's a quote from the Facebook blog post on the subject: "Yesterday marked my 7th “Faceversary” (annual anniversary...
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    Microsoft Begins Offering Surface Membership Plan

    There's a new program from Microsoft that seems to offer some extra value and incentives for small businesses worth considering. It's called a Microsoft Surface Membership Plan and it aims to set your business up with "the latest Surface devices, accessories, support, and training." For a...
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    Microsoft Working on Its Own 'Magic Mirror' Software

    This is pretty slick! Building an IoT Magic Mirror with Hosted Web Apps and Windows 10
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    Microsoft's Impressive Vision of the VR & AR Future Includes Support for Other VR Platforms

    It looks like Microsoft's concept for their HoloLens VR & AR system is getting us closer to the Holodeck from Star Trek the Next Generation. Microsoft recently released a new video concept of the future for their HoloLens program and not only is their vision impressive, it has been opened up to...
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    Microsoft Buries Nokia and then Scales Back Smartphones to Focus on Enterprise

    We have a couple of reports regarding Microsoft's mobile phone efforts. First, it looks like Microsoft's Nokia division has been such a big stinker that the folks in Redmond are burying it. Microsoft announced another round of layoffs for the Nokia division to the tune of 1,850 people worldwide...

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