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    Apple's iPad Pro pegged for Friday, Nov. 13 release

    I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm actually considering an iPad Pro. I use my SP3 way more in tablet mode than desktop. And I feel like MS has given up on tablets with Windows 10 and the continued pathetic lack of quality apps in the Windows Store.
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    So what is the real impetus to upgrade to 4?

    That's exactly how I feel. Even if I did try to sell my SP3 I don't think the cost could be justified. Having said that I always have a hard time saying "no" to the latest shiny thing. I skipped the SP2, I'll probably just wait until SP5. Must keep credit card in pocket.
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    New Firmware Update 9/29

    I did have Kaspersky running.
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    New Firmware Update 9/29

    I just ended up creating a new Windows 10 USB installer and chose to keep personal files. Now the pain of reinstalling everything. I could find no way to get it past the driver error. I hope somehow Microsoft gets wind of this. If this many people just on this forum are having the issue its...
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    New Firmware Update 9/29

    Currently "Resetting this PC %10". I was able to boot from USB after re-doing the Windows Media generator. I just wish Microsoft would do a little better job testing Windows with their own hardware.
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    New Firmware Update 9/29

    Oh at this point I only wish it was that. So far I'm not even able to boot a USB to recover. I can get to the UEFI menu and change to boot USB first but even with that it will not boot the USB drive. This really sucks. Still working on it but things are pretty bleak at the moment.
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    New Firmware Update 9/29

    Well this update has bricked my SP3 :( It's stuck in a loop about DRIVER_UNLOADED_WITHOUT_CANCELLING_PENDING_OPERATIONS. Looks like I'm off to try and google a way out of that but will probably spend my day reloading. Hopefully that works.
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    9/15 FIRMWARE

    Thank you. Finally an ELI5 answer.
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    How do you install Windows 10 on a new Hard Drive

    That's a good point about their phone support to fix license issues. I had to call the 800 number a couple of years ago and was very pleasantly surprised at how painless and quick it was.
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    How do you install Windows 10 on a new Hard Drive

    What if you just installed one component at a time? New disk boot and activate, new graphics card boot and activate, new motherboard boot and activate etc? It would be interesting to know the limits of what is an upgraded system vs. a new system.
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    Windows Update Problem

    I had the same problem a few weeks ago and followed this procedure to fix it. Link removed, forum guidelines violation Rant mode time. I'm a software developer for some enterprise critical software. We provide an update feature in our software. Updating is THE ONE FUNCTION you just can't allow...
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    Solved Have to login after sleep but not at bootup??

    Oh I'm way beyond that. I've also gone to power advanced settings sleep require password when wake, and also Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\System Settings checked Don't require a password. Unfortunately MS has chosen not to clean up settings in Win 10, hence it is completely...
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    Solved Have to login after sleep but not at bootup??

    Every time I read one of these threads about fixing the login after sleep option I get really excited. Sadly this still didn't fix the issue on my SP3. My system still requires a pin or password after sleep which renders it virtually useless for note taking. I'm about at my wits end and ready to...
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    SPro3 Win10 Require Sign-in if you've been away

    I have to agree that this lock behavior really cripples the SP3. I really hope it is a bug and not some grand brilliant design by Microsoft to enhance security. It should be pretty basic that I should be able to tell the system when I want it to be locked and when I don't. If it is a bug I'm...
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    Who's getting one?

    I'm going to say no right now. But I have absolutely no willpower when I see a shinny new thing at the store. I would hope the new SP4 is thinner and lighter and fanless would be wonderful too.