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    Surface Book slow respond after sleep?

    This happens to me all the time. One of my biggest problems remaining. I have the i7/16GB/dGPU/512MB.
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    SB Still not sleeping when plugged in

    Since the February update my i7/16GB SB now goes into a low-power state when not plugged in, but still almost always fails to go into this state while plugged into my Surface Dock, and sometimes just plugged into the regular charger. It worries me because I open it up and it's warm (not hot) to...
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    Post all (external) monitor issues here

    I have similar problems with the Dock. I have two HD TVs (720p and 1080p) connected directly to the dock via HDMI->Mini display port cables. In order to get both monitors working simultaneously, I almost always have to do a fresh reboot with the dock cable plugged into the SB. If it goes to...
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    Poll Stability poll after release patches

    Three days later, I've had no more problems at all, besides slightly less than desirable battery life. Think I'm going to keep this beast!
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    Poll Stability poll after release patches

    To elaborate, I had issues with the track pad, mic, and wifi not working randomly, as well as two Blue Screens with two different errors in the days before.
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    Poll Stability poll after release patches

    Morning of Oct. 30th I installed new updates and restarted. Absolutely no problems in the 8 hours since then when I've been mostly using the browser and transferring files all day. The first update Oct. 27th (with Windows Hello) didn't do a damn thing, but this second update so far seems to have...
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    Finally got a BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH...and other problems

    It actually happened a second time today, just chilling on Netflix and tried to open Chrome at the same time.
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    Finally got a BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH...and other problems

    On Day 3, I got my first blue screen of death, just when I was browsing and whatnot. On restart, everything is fine. Here's my personal list of problems I've come across with my Surface Book (512, i7, 16 RAM) 1) Track pad stopped working until restart 2) microphone consistently stops working on...