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    Multiple Issues with Surface Book

    Just got a file system error. Did not work. The problems appears to be a connection error. I can surf the web, use Outlook but the built in apps including windows update cannot connect
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    Multiple Issues with Surface Book

    I'm on with a tech now who is clueless. Thank you. I will try that. Will I lose anything?
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    Multiple Issues with Surface Book

    And now my SB will not allow me to open any Win 10 app including the store app. Got a strange network error out of nowhere and now update and apps will not open. This is so frustrating
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    Solved Help...Windows Update Not Downloading

    Good afternoon, My SB windows update has been stuck on "downloading" a Win Defender update with zero % downloaded and "waiting to download". I restarted my SB, held down the power button to shut down and rebooted and still cannot update. Is there a way to reset this process so I can start a...
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    Driver issue initiates fan and sleep issue

    Sorry for the redundancy. As a launch day SB owner, I have been dealing with the intel driver issue stopping and recovering especially when using Edge and sometimes IE. I noticed something last night that may have slipped by me before. When I get the "driver has stopped responding / auto...
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    Surface book battery issues

    Do you believe the next major update will fix some of the critical issues with the SB? For example, I was using IE for about an hour in clipboard mode when the screen just froze. Volume button and power button worked but the screen was basically unresponsive. Had to hold the power button down...
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    Did the November 2 firmware fix your issues?

    Some folks are returning their units due to the driver crashes. They were told by MS tech support it is a hardware issue but I still believe it can be fixed via a driver update. Learned this on the MS SB forum. Thoughts?
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    Display Driver Errors driving me crazy..!!!

    Driver issue still a problem for me. i7 256 SB. Just got my fist Intel driver error since the recent update while using the clipboard in desktop mode. Also, screen flicker (brightness randomly changes slightly). I have installed all firmware updates including the new 11/2 update. Both errors...
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    Poll buy or not buy now, that's a problem

    How do you like the SP4? I upgraded to the SB from an i5 256 SP3. So far I like it but miss the tablet-like portability of the SP. The SB clipboard works well in stand alone mode but like you it does feel a litter large / heavy when attached to the keyboard.. Perhaps I just need to get used to it.
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    SurfaceBook & Doc with external monitor :(

    So my dock issues have calmed down a bit. The Dell screen no longer flips 180 degrees (my biggest issue) however I do notice a slight cycle in the brightness. The monitor seems to fade in and out just a tad as if the driver or graphics card is strained. Inconsistently, I might add.
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    Day 2 with SB - Uh Oh

    I wonder if I should go back to the SP3 or maybe a SP4 then. If the SB is not designed for the wear and tear (just speculating) of 50% clipboard usage, then perhaps this is the wrong device for me. Either way I still think someone should make a sleeve for the clipboard so when carrying it...
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    Day 2 with SB - Uh Oh

    On day three. Screen flip issue has resolved itself. Crazy. Other than the larger / high res screen, I am still uncertain if this will replace my SP3. Will probably make my decision on day 29 In clipboard mode, I have noticed software glitches. For example, the Win 10 mail app occasionally...
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    Microsoft Edge is part of the problem.

    Edge seems to crash on me often. Typically when my SP3 or SB wakes from sleep, if Edge was running, it becomes unresponsive every time the computer wakes.
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    Surface Book with new dock

    After great advice from our members, this is how I have it set up on my home office desk:

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