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    Stylus on external monitor

    Ehm, the acer is a simple capacitive Monitor! It's not a wacom-enabled screen (those costs 1000 bucks and more)! So no, you cannot use the pressure-sensitive pen of the Surface pro on that external monitor...
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    The update is here (UK)!

    Depends on the device again... :/ Mine got apparently "repaired". No wakings at all anymore and that was the only issue... :)
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    Surface Pro 2 in Germany? Surface Pro for Artwork?

    One for SAI would be awesome.. since that one isn't very tabletfriendly unfortunately :( Still amazing work you did o:
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    The update is here (UK)!

    Just arrived in Germany too! It's still dated on the 18.1. Can't install yet because it wants it to be fully charged first, lol
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    I performed a battery test

    It wont "damage" the computer but it might harm the battery a bit since batteries detoriate the fastest when they are fully discharged or when they are fully charged to 100% Both cases should be prevented if possible... So I dun think it's really worth it the 10 more minutes. Anyways yes, your...
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    Rear Camera not 'straight' - is this normal?

    Yes, that's even advertised like that on MS's site. You guessed right, the idea is so it can take "straight" pictures when you use the kickstand... The cams are made for video-chatting anyways, not for taking pictures!
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    The update is here (UK)!

    Someone up there said that the issues will probably adressed step by step ufnortunately so not all at one.. :/
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    The update is here (UK)!

    People it's sunday >_> Let's show some patiece...
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    Surface Pro 2 in Germany? Surface Pro for Artwork?

    Umh.. stereotypes much?... Did you even listen to the OP's needs? @Tekn0 If you need a portable device for drawing I don't see that many alternatives to the Surface Pro 2. Anyways, yes there were some severe issues but in first line those were only related to the December firmware update...
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    The update is here (UK)!

    You sure you haven't installed any background software since then? Like dropbox for example... Those are known for significantly reducing the battery time. Is the brightness like in past too?
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    Surface Pro 2 in Germany? Surface Pro for Artwork?

    If this really works, it'd be awesome! o.O Will try it just tomorrow.. when I'm actually wake enough to know what I'm doing XD By the way, about non-local layout keyboards: The only way I found buying a non-german type cover 2 here in Germany was over Ebay.. I paid a bit extra unfortunately...
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    Surface Pro 2 in Germany? Surface Pro for Artwork?

    Have you tried calibrating the pen with wacom's driver? Yes, 4 calibration-points are far too little but I personally can draw well on it (well, I'm an ammateur but still I've spent probably a dozen hours at drawing since I have the device) after calibrating it once or twice. Only the borders...
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    Question about Fan noise under load

    During CPU-only tasks which include video editing and such, the fan will barely spin up, if at all. The passive cooling system seems to be quite strong, even keeping a full 100% CPU load around 74°C. However when you start using the graphic unit like in a game, the temperature increases quickly...
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    The update is here (UK)!

    Hmm, looks promising! :3 But it seems small compared to the december firmware... but of course it's mostly a fix probably - makes me wonder whether the people who never updated to the december one, actually get the improvements or not. Anyways, no update here in Germany yet.. but it's 2 hours...
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    Surface Pro 2 Docking Station - 1st Impressions

    How the heck can the dock improve WIFI connection speed? o.O Are you using an external wlan-dongle? Or are you talking about LAN-cable connection? Then don't call it WiFi (wireless fidelity), lol xD

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