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    Mini Displayport to HDMI Not Working

    some hotels block hdmi input
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    USB 2.0 devises are not recognized on Surface Pro

    what you can try is a powered usb hub. That should be fix it. Unless it is just a driver.
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    Displayport Issue - SFPro and Dell U2711

    replace your adapter with an actual dp to mini dp cable they are more reliable.
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    IE10 touch gone?

    chrome in metro mode has touch if u are using chrome
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    Wintab drivers released!!!!!!!

    did you try to recalibrate it?
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    how to slave a surface pro to a desktop like a cintique?

    try stardock multiplicity. if you use the paid version it links the computers.
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    Wintab drivers released!!!!!!!

    yep it is a drawing tab 1024 pressure sensitivy
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    Serious BUG in Win 8 Modern Inerface

    modern mix works well. i use it personally on my sp and my home desktop which is a gaming rig. Fyi Thompsen Reuters sucks their support couldnt find their way out of a paper bag if it was wet... I deal with them for their ppc line of auditing software and i dread when i have to call them.
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    Manga Studio on Surface Pro

    there is no soon Wacom Feel Driver | Wacom Americas there is a now
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    Wintab drivers released!!!!!!!

    Wacom Feel Driver | Wacom Americas
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    Wacom digitizer Windows 8 vs Galaxy Note 10.1

    @mitch they use standard wacom feel tips it may require a re cal after you put it in but you can order them from wacom. The surface pro and the note 10.1 use the same digitizer. I know this because i have a stylus that works across the line of note devices and my sp
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    Can we change the nibs on the Surface Pen?

    o yea i was saying the bamboo feel carbon is much better. it is a good 1/4 inch rounder like the size of a good pen unlike the stock which is the size of a pencil.
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    Can we change the nibs on the Surface Pen?

    yes only the tips for the feel series work properly. What the issue is if the length is different the pen needs recalibrated. I am specifically using the bamboo feel carbon stylus. Just got in in today as a matter of fact. It is MUCH nicer than the stock one but also alot more expensive.
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    Can we change the nibs on the Surface Pen?

    o yea just an fyi i just got the Bamboo Stylus feel carbon | Wacom and it comes with several replacement nubs ill try the ones that come with it in the stock pen Just an fyi it seems that the replacement nubs do fit but they are 1/16 of an inch difference in legnth shorter not much but cant use...
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    Can we change the nibs on the Surface Pen?

    i actually dont like the stock pen and went with a newer wacom one.

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