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    Thoughts for the next generation dock

    Dude, I had no idea that the dock even opened up like that. Now that I know that it's actually quite good. Thank you!
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    Office 2010 vs. Office 2013 vs. Office 365 for meeting notes?

    The distraction part is right on. It's highly annoying to have people who are fast typers and have laptops with loud keyboards. My (naive?) expectation is that the machine will convert my SP3 pen writing into typed text. I haven't tried it yet since I didn't want to activate the Office trial...
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    Office 2010 vs. Office 2013 vs. Office 365 for meeting notes?

    Thanks for the O2010 vs O2013 info. As far as using the stylus goes, I guess I will just need to give it a shot and see how it goes.
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    Office 2010 vs. Office 2013 vs. Office 365 for meeting notes?

    Corporate policy is to push Office 2010 out to all endpoints. Corporate policy is also to use Windows 7 endpoints, so with the SP3 we are already past that and doing a one-off. Office 2013 is available but the organization decided to not move from Office 2013. I log into the SP3 with a domain...
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    Thoughts for the next generation dock

    I'd be happy if the current dock were less annoying to use. In my case the SP3 may or may not actually make contact with the connector when the SP3 is placed into the dock. Three out of four times it requires me to give it an extra push to the right even once the unit is in the dock...
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    Are people exaggerating loud fan noise?

    I find the i5 fan noise annoying. To me it's very noticeable from ~3 ft away and honestly is one more of those things why I am now, after having had the SP3 for a couple of weeks, leaning more and more toward that it's not a viable laptop replacement. When my laptop is docked and located on...
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    How to prevent a closed type cover putting SP3 to sleep when docked?

    Against the advice of literally all of my colleagues I got an SP3 at work to use full time as a desktop replacement. I have the type cover and the official docking station. I am using a 1440p monitor connected via DP. (The resolution fiasco is a topic for another thread.) What I want to...

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