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    How to force Surface to start-up in Tablet Mode ?

    Good morning, My Surface starts-up in Desktop mode. How do I force it to fire-up in Tablet mode ? Thanks !
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    Surface Forums - Site Upgrade!

    Forum is running great for me ! Good job !
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    Touch capability top side damaged

    Anyone ?
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    Touch capability top side damaged

    The top half inch of my Surface Go screen does not respond to touch anymore. Is a repair of the screen even possible? I am also considering buying a new one, but would prefer to wait till the new Surface Go has hit the shelves. Is there a new Go in the pipeline ? And what are the ETA ans Specs
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    Surface in Sick Bay

    Used a graphics program set to full screen and then started drawing with my finger. Seems to be a screen issue. In certain areas I was unable to draw.
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    Surface in Sick Bay

    Thanks Sharp What incorrect setting is causing this weird issue that only happens at 1 side of the screen. Any idea ? BTW: According to my Windows a reset re-installs windows
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    Surface in Sick Bay

    Thanks Sharp. I realize that reinstalling Windows will fix most problems. But surely there is a better solution than me spending half day to reset and reconfigure my system. Sure hope someone will have The Golden Suggestion to fix this.
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    Surface in Sick Bay

    Hi Sharp, I have a Surface Go Intel Pentium 4415Y 1.6GhZ with 4GB RAM and run Win 10 in S mode version 1903 build 18362.10024 in the English language. There is some additional information in my signature. Some time later . . . I just found out that when I switch off rotation lock and turn...
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    Surface in Sick Bay

    Good morning all, My Surface is sick, some symptoms listed below . . . - I seem unable to close a tab in Edge by clicking on the X - Clicking the X when opening File Explorer window results in no action whatsoever. - Swiping down from the top to close a full screen program does not work. -...
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    AdBlock for Edge?

    Ad Block Plus
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    Scaling for WhatsApp web

    I have that same issue on many websites. Therefore I use the floating keyboard so that I can slide it to a different position. But I think this is something the OS should already do that for me. Hopefully Microsoft will fix this bug in the next update.
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    How not to sync Taskbar position on SurfaceGo ?

    Good morning all, I use my same Microsoft account on my Laptop and SurfaceGo and am also using the sync feature. On the laptop I prefer the taskbar at the bottom (am using a mouse on this device) but on the SurfaceGo I prefer to have it on the right side (I hold the touch pen in my right...
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    How to use gestures in Edge

    Anyone ? All help is appreciated !

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