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    who's NOT upgrading to sp3?

    Sp2 128 can't afford to upgrade no real need at the moment. massive improvements to battery life and GPU would be my breaking point to wanting it now
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    Anyone playing Pinball FX 2? Battling input lag.

    oops lol went retarded kinda got sick of how it performed on the SP2 and installed it on my PC just wish it could transfer tables but NOOOOO!!!!
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    Anyone playing Pinball FX 2? Battling input lag.

    there is a setting in the NVidia control panel - manage 3d Settings - program settings tab - select program pick pinball FX2.exe or add it - Maximum pre-rendered frames - set it to 1 just installed the steam version and got the input lag this fixed it
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    Anyone playing Pinball FX 2? Battling input lag.

    using the Microsoft store version of it have it on high performance with all eye candy turned low or off all apps turned off and it is about 5 FPS from being enjoyable if the ball is moving slow it's okay but at high speed the ball vanishes and reappears like skipped frames
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    Anyone playing Pinball FX 2? Battling input lag.

    I own the game and I find there is a bigger issue with the frame rate making the game unplayable all graphics options turned off or set to low
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    What video player are you using on your SP2?

    Currently using plain old media player with klite codec pack basic It uses slightly more battery power then the metro player not enough to worry about VLC eats the battery too quickly to use
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    Surface Docking Station in stock

    Thank you might get one in a few months
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    Surface Docking Station in stock

    Does the dock come with a power adapter as well or do you have to use your original adapter that came with the sp2
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    Anyone have any luck getting neverwinter to load on a 128 sp2 keeps crashing on me
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    Store search function - desaster!

    Yes the search feature for the store is garbage can't find anything on it
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    any way to remove ability of pc to encrypt a file

    Just got hit by crypto locker was wondering if there is a way to make a pc unable to encrypt a file ever. Don't know if I actually got hit did a dirty power down think it blew my power supply doing it Never buying a seasonic power supply again second one to blow up on me
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    New Surface RT Owner

    Pretty much stuck to the Microsoft store on the rt
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    Game Controllers! Will anything besides the official Xbox controller work?

    might need some additional research but I believe the ps4 controller will work
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    any good offline map programs

    I'm a contractor in the grey bruce area of Ontario there is no cell service in 50% of the areas up here I would love a offline map program for my surface pro 2 my current gps is a complete piece of garbage.

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