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    Music and Video apps updated Sunday May 19

    I recognized that that the arrangement of my Music has changed a bit. Articles don't matter anymore for the sorting.
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    E-Mail App - FAIL

    You can select multiple mails by swiping them to the left or right and then you can delete all of them at once.
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    MediaMonkey music app with flac-support

    Here's a Report from my weekend testings: The good news is that the current Version of MediaMonkey is quite stable. Not a single crash over the weekend. The thing is that the app cannot change the tracks while the Surface is in standby. The current playing track is finished and then the...
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    record a meeting conversation

    Basically it should be possible to record with OneNote (Insert-Record Audio). I never tried that though.
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    MediaMonkey music app with flac-support

    OK, I'm gonna try that.
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    MediaMonkey music app with flac-support

    Probably you have a broken Music file. I had the same issue with my library. You can click on the working indicator in the upper right corner to see the currently scanned file. After I deleted the broken file my 40 GB library was scanned without Problems. My problem is that the app crashes...
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    TouchDown email client from NitroDesk

    Another issue I'm facing: Is it possible to add a second account? I didn't find this option yet.
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    TouchDown email client from NitroDesk

    Hi Ron, just downloaded Touchdown to test it. So far it's syncing. But there's some error in the subfolder ordering. I have some subfolders and they just seem to be sorted alphabetically with the others as if they were normal Folders and no subfolders. Is there any way to move the subfolders to...
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    OneNote for SURFACE does not work on SURFACE

    Sounds like you don't even want to give it a chance... Look again at the pic in Arnolds post, you can minimize the ribbon, you can run OneNote in fullscreen mode, you can adjust the quick access to your own need. Everything you need is there, you just have to take a look. By the way: The...

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