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    Anyone have a contact within the Surface team (need someone to authorize my replacement device)

    Basically, I can't get an advanced exchange because the Surface teams internal system can't process Swedish credit cards, at all, and they have no idea why. For this reason, I'd like to contact someone within the actual Surface team at Microsoft so that I can ask them to bypass this process...
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    My touchpad just got a lot better

    I read about the 'Sticky Keys' problem with the Touch Cover and used the instructions on this page solve it: The fix: Open device manager - either type "device manager" from the start menu or right click on the start button and choose it from there. When DM opens, expand the Human Interface...
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    Surface Care Team doesn't care

    I have similar problems with Surface Care/Service. I have requested an advanced exchange, but due to whatever problems, Microsoft can not process Swedish credit cards AT ALL. This has persisted for a long time and their support person even told me that many if not all Swedish people have this...
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    Time to RMA SP2 due to the mSD-battery drain bug?

    Installed the patch and if anything it's even worse now. I get about 3 hours with an mSD installed.
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    Time to RMA SP2 due to the mSD-battery drain bug?

    Yeah.. it seems they won't fix this problem and then that makes the product unusable for me. I get less than 4hrs battery life because of it. So I'll probably end up letting them send me three replacements and then demand a refund because this problem seems to be present in all SP2s.
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    Time to RMA SP2 due to the mSD-battery drain bug?

    So, the bug associated with micro SD cards still hasn't been fixed, so can't we just RMA the product and ask for money back or a trade for an SP3? At least in some countries in Europe, the manufacturer has 3 chances to fix a problem, otherwise have to refund the customer.
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    Surface Tweak Tool for Surface Pro 2 - Release!

    hmm... Chrome blocks the download, "malware"... How come?
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    Wacky battery antics

    Same as mine. It's either the battery or the battery meter thats faulty. Probably hardware? I'll send mine in for exchange.
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    Your preferred resolution

    I use 1600x900 and fit it to be perfect. So I think if they release a higher res version of the SP, it should have a 3200x1800 display. Not 2560x1400 or whatever.
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    Quick Surface Power Cover Review

    What's the capacity? It was supposed to be 30mWh but I read somewhere that it's actually 23mWh?
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    Wacky battery antics

    Hehe, yeah, liveblogging my battery depletion.. :) I tried it again today. Same thing - at 16% it drops down to 4% then keeps going back up and down until depleted. One difference is that the battery meter was telling me 7.30hrs consistently for the first 2 hrs, so somethings changed with the...
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    Wacky battery antics

    ok so it shut down several more times, then at 5% it wouldn't wake up again so I'm now charging it.
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    Wacky battery antics

    hibernated again. back at 8%.
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    Wacky battery antics

    hibernated again. 44%.. 4,6%.. 5,1% .. 5,7%.. 6% .. 7%
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    Wacky battery antics

    hoho, it just went into hibernation even though battery was at 9% or 10%. now going back up... 5%...6%.. 7,7%

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