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    What do you use SD card for?

    I have redirected all my Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, and Videos to my SD card. I've been doing so for several years and it has worked great. I periodically backup all the items on the card to an external USB drive.
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    Surface Book mini-DP to external monitor not working

    I do not have a Surface Book but I would suspect the mini DP / HDMI adapters as one doesn't work and the other is slow. From what I read you have tried them from both the SB and the dock with the same result. I would try a different cable or adapter.
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    Micro SD Card? exFat or NTFS and allocation size?

    I too have a 128GB microSD card formatted with NTFS mounted as D: with my Documents, Music, Pictures, Video, and Download folders, as well as my Outlook .pst files. I have been using this for several years with no issues at all. I do periodically copy these folders to an external hard drive...
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    Can I charge my Surface 4 Pro with this method

    Your setup in that configuration won't do anything as there is no input power going to the Surface. The surge protector you specified takes AC power from the plug on the back and feeds it to the three AC outlets on the front while providing power to the two USB ports. If it isn't plugged into...
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    My Surface Book Keeps Turning On In My Bag (Even after I turn it off!)

    I have the original Surface Pro and experienced the same problem whether it was asleep or powered down via the on screen power down. I finally setup a shortcut for shutdown -s -t 0 (zero) that I use when I shutdown and have not experienced the problem since. An update may have addressed the...
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    Suggest Bluetooth mouse

    I've used the HP Slim Bluetooth mouse for years. It has a nice feel, fits in the bag well, and has excellent battery life (uses a single AA).
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    Surface computers need software fix to allow the Software Power Shut down to work

    It is shutdown -s -t 0 the 0 is a zero Try running it first from a command prompt.
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    Surface computers need software fix to allow the Software Power Shut down to work

    I have the original Surface Pro and did have some power down issues initially (years ago). I created a batch file and put a link on the Start Screen. shutdown -s -t 0 I've had no issues since. They may have had a fix but this has worked beautifully for me. I also added a restart link too...
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    [Solved] Bluetooth mouse drops connection intermittently?

    I stumbled across this as an active topic. It worked great on my Surface Pro with Win 8.1. Definitely need to look a the post date and applicable systems.
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    Recall makes the Surface Pro 3 worthless

    I too purchased a 2nd power supply with my Surface Pro on the original order. I went through the recall process several weeks ago using the serial number on my Surface Pro. The replacement cord arrived a few days later. I then contacted Microsoft about a replacement cord for my 2nd power...
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    Recall makes the Surface Pro 3 worthless

    They are identical cords both, in their words, defective items. You can view the picture of the defective cord on their recall page. The power supply doesn't make any difference. It's the cord itself they have deemed as unsafe and are replacing. If the purchase was made prior to the date...
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    Recall makes the Surface Pro 3 worthless

    I contacted tech support on a chat and they found that the serial number for my "spare" power supply indicated it was out of warranty and the cord wasn't eligible for the recall. I explained that warranty had nothing to do with it and if the cord on the power supply included with my Surface Pro...
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    Edge - Yes or No

    I setup a workaround to get to IE11 directly. I used Edge to browse to a site I wanted as my IE11 Homepage. Click on ... (More actions) and click on Open with Internet Explorer. Click on Tools and click on Add site to Apps. Go to Apps, right click the icon and select Pin to Start. You now...
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    Need a bluetooth mouse without a USB dongle

    I use the HP Slim Bluetooth Mouse. The footprint is about the normal size but it is flat. Packs nice in the bag and is comfortable to use.
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    Solved Arc Mouse on Surface Pro 3

    I've been using the HP Slim Bluetooth Mouse for over a year now and it has worked flawlessly.

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