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    HBOGO Flash problems

    HBOGO Flash Issues I have tried accessing both through the Metro-IE10 and desktop version. Same issue either way. when I was using it a few weeks ago it was through the desktop version.
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    HBOGO Flash problems

    A few days ago I started having problems accessing HBOGO. I am getting an Adobe Flash not loaded error. About a week or two ago I had accessed HBOGO and watched content without a prom. I have checked the whitelist and HBOGO is listed. It is asking for Adobe Flash 10.2. Does anybody have any...
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    Mail App has no Options setting

    I also was very frustrated with the Mail App when I first got my Surface. There is very limited instructions out there. Most of the setting are under the account: 1. Swipe on the Right to get to the Charm Bar 2. Select Setting 3. Select Accounts 4. Select you mail account Now you see many...
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    How can I create a sync folder?

    I was disappointed to find out that there is no way to create a Skydrive (Sync) folder in Windows RT. I was also disappointed that SugarSync while having a Surface App did not support sync folders on Windows RT. Does anyone know how I can create a folder that could be synced across my Windows...

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