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    Is it possible to avoid S4P waking up when power is connected?

    I am currently having something similar in that mine won't go to sleep on it's own when plugged in. Unplugged, it does. All up to date and in latest Insider 14361.

    Official Windows 10 Insiders thread

    Any idea why my SP4 isn't gettin 352? On 342 and i've already reset it and signed out of insider and logged out of my MS acct. and back in and rebooted. A couple days now and it's not seeing any new builds. It'll get Defender updates though. Update: Ok, finally had to boot from usb from...

    Just got my Bragi Dash last night.

    This thing rocks! Sound quality is great and just using it last night testing the different FitSleeves and listening to some music, it was so liberating not having a wire touching my neck or side of my face like my previous Jaybirds. They're expensive at $299, but the Jaybirds...


    Band 2 950xl 830 Surface Pro 4 Custom pc with W10 I have complete investment in the the system as I am striving towards the whole unified goal. No other system offers the versatility of an SP4 and the ability to run apps across all my devices.

    New SP4 firmware out

    I downloaded and installed the latest beta driver and sleep is working properly now. LOL.

    New SP4 firmware out

    This is a valid assumption. However, even if this was triggering a wake, shouldn't the cover being closed keep the device from waking? We as consumers shouldn't need to dive into device manager to toggle this setting.

    New SP4 firmware out

    Today, I attached the keyboard after taking off charge, pressed several buttons on the keyboard to make sure the device wasn't awake. Confirmed nothing, black screen, no Windows Hello, closed type cover. Get to work and bag is warm. Open cover and lock screen is on. Log in, check battery and...

    New SP4 firmware out

    Left home with assumed 100% from leaving the house this morning. I took it off charge and connected the keyboard and made sure it didn't turn on, black screen, no Hello light on, etc. Go to lunch and hit the power button and screen is stuck on Surface logo. I had to hold down to shut off and...

    Surface Pro 4, Galaxy Tab Pro S, or iPad Pro

    Samsung does make some nice hardware. The Tab S Pro is also one of them. Downsides are only Core M, max 4gb ram, not full usb, no Windows Hello, no kickstand.

    Windows Insider build 14257 & infrared camera

    Awesome. I purposely did not update because of that detail. Now I can. Thanks!

    Firmware Update

    The black screen issue is still happening out of sleep and something I noticed that started happening with W10 Insider builds. To this day, still happens on occasion randomly. This is probably only being noticed by those with lock screen background which mine are scraped from a local folder...

    Can anyone do me a favor and test this out?

    So, you're playing them in Edge. That's expected to work, but we can't go full screen in Edge which defeats the purpose of viewing UHD video. What about in a media player such as WMP, MPC, etc.

    Can anyone do me a favor and test this out?

    The reason I ask is I got the Radius as a desktop replacement to just act as a Plex server for a couple transcodes at a time. Should be ok with a Passmark of 4300 on the i7 6500u, but I took it back when I started having difficulties with playing those 4k videos. Now I revisited these files on...

    Can anyone do me a favor and test this out?

    Have you downloaded the lav filters and selected copyback in setting of MPC? Thanks for trying btw. It works on my SP4 if I select regular EVR under Output and under Internal Filters, click Video decoder and choose DXVA (copy-back) and check both boxes of HEVC and UHD. I think it's using the...

    Can anyone do me a favor and test this out?

    I know the i7 isn't going to be up to snuff on high bitrate HEVC 4k video because i've tried on a Toshiba Radius with the i7-6500u and it pegged the cpu. Anyone got some spare time to try out a video from here: Demo Ultra-HD - LG 4K - View the Feeling using MPC HC and hardware acceleration from...

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