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    Solved Miracast over hotspot?

    Hi guys, Thanks for the replies - I managed to get this working in the end. Hopefully, this helps if anyone else stumbles into the same issue for whatever reason :) For some reason, when the SP4 is connected to the same WiFi network as the SB2, the SB2 uses that network instead of establishing...
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    Solved Miracast over hotspot?

    Hi Jeff, Interesting - it seems that in this case, WiFi Direct isn't being used for some odd reason. Here's what I see from a few tests: Cell Phone -> SP4: WiFi Direct Cell Phone -> SB2: WiFi Direct SP4 -> SB2: WiFi Direct SB2 -> SP4: WiFi Unfortunately, I don't have another miracast...
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    Solved Miracast over hotspot?

    Hey all, Has anyone had any success connecting to a Miracast device (or better yet, projecting to another Windows 10 device) when using the hotspot feature in Windows 10? I'm trying to come up with a reliable method for doing so - I use a combination of a SB2 + SP4 (as a second screen), but...

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