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    Battery Indication totally messed up

    Indeed, I do have applied the December Update (also with failure message). I hope the January update fixes this. Otherwise maybe asking support for a replacement device later, I think.
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    Battery Indication totally messed up

    edit: Sorry, wrong sub-forum, please move to Surface Help. Hi guys, Happy New Year everyone. I have some weird behaviour on my Surface Pro 2 256GB. After charging it to 100 % I can use it for hours (2-3 hours) constantly without dropping a single percent according to the battery indication...
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    Surface Docking Station in stock

    Wouldn't count on that.
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    Can you use an original touch case on a surface 2?

    You mean Touch Cover 1? Then yes, you can.
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    Hello all, new surface owner here! got some questions

    This is a new feature of Windows 8.1. Apps have to actively support it to work with 50:50 Snap-View (and other ratios). So it is up to Netflix to include that in a future update.
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    Trackpad Settings app no longer works with Surface 2 Type Cover

    There is a way. In general settings (Modern UI settings) go to "PC and devices">"Mouse and Touchpad". For all options visible the Cover has to be attached. You can reverse scroll directions and activate/deactivate gestures.
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    Awake from Sleep - Strange Power Button behaviour

    Ok, you mean these problems may have come with one of the last Firmware-updates which should improve overall stability. This would make sense. It happens roughly since the last update and doesn't look like a hardware fault. Hope MS knows about this and is working on a fix... Should have checked...
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    Awake from Sleep - Strange Power Button behaviour

    Hi guys, Since the past couple days I have a strange behaviour when trying to wake my Surface RT from sleep. I push the Power-Button on top and nothing happens. When I than push the button a second time it finally wakes up immediatly. I can without difficulty bring the device to sleep by...

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