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    Surface RT VPN Issue

    Thanks. I'll take a look when I get back, today
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    Surface RT VPN Issue

    The desktop IE works fine. It's the RT apps that seem "lose" the internet. On my desktop W8 machine, there is no problem.
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    Surface RT VPN Issue

    I use a VPN provided by on my desktop and wanted to take advantage of the fact that my license permits two simultaneous connections. Since witopia doesn't have an ARM-based app, I went to the control panel and set up a VPN with the proper URL and credentials and successfully...
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    Outlook for Windows RT?

    I'll be really glad to have it. The current email client doesn't want to play with my hosted Exchange account at
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    My Favorite Unexpected Thing About Surface

    Maybe I should have expected it, but once I went to the page and "trusted" it, it set itself up automagically, including my Windows 8 desktop wallpaper and home pages and tabs on IE. Now that is what I call user-friendly.
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    Are you going to install 8.1 preview on your surface?

    When the final release is available, I'll go with it.
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    Yet Another RT owner. Just got mine, Tuesday. Must say I am pleasantly surprised. Nice to know this forum is case I have any questions.

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