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    Universal Search in Windows 8.1 - a step back

    I completely agree with the OP. I hope they get rid of it in the final product.
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    Any good rumors on the external battery/type cover?

    At the Surface Pro initial release, Panos hinted at an external battery/type cover coming in the future to the Surface Pro. I haven't heard anything else about it since. Has anyone else heard anything?
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    Mini Displayport adapter compatibility?

    I opted for a StarTech multi-port adapter. It's a little big, but I can plug HDMI, DVI, and DisplayPort into it. Looks great on a big screen TV or a traditional monitor.
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    Mini Displayport adapter compatibility?

    Thanks for the info. I will get one if and when the Pro becomes available. :)
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    Mini Displayport adapter compatibility?

    Actually, I was referring to the mini display port on the Surface Pro, not the mini-HDMI port on the RT.
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    Mini Displayport adapter compatibility?

    Has anyone connected a monitor/TV via the display port using a third party adapter yet? There are many out there that are cheaper than the MS store offering. I am wondering if there are any compatibility issues with third party adapters.

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