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    Anyone gotten Miracast to work?

    I've read about problems with Miracast compatibility, maybe my Toshiba is a victim of that. I assume all models of the SP4 use the same Marvell Avasar wireless chipset so can't be what's different.
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    Anyone gotten Miracast to work?

    unni, thanks for your info. I wonder if anyone has gotten it to work with a non-Microsoft product on the other end?
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    Anyone gotten Miracast to work?

    I have a Toshiba smart TV with built-in Miracast that works well with several Android phones and tablet, but my SP4 (i5/8GB/256GB) never detects it. The SP4 has the latest sw/fw updates, and very little other added software except Kaspersky AV and Office 2013. I've messed with the firewall...

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