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    new surfacebook firmware 1/27/16

    No screen flickering in Edge here.
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    Whoa. New "Surface Book" just shown

    Looking further, I don't think Panos was comparing to a 2012 model. I suspect he was comparing the $1899 i5 SB with dGPU to the similarly-priced, similar form-factor $1799 13" MacBook Pro, which has a 2.9 GHz i5. I suspect that, for some applications, having the dGPU and a next-generation i5...
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    Whoa. New "Surface Book" just shown

    I can't find the article you're referencing, and I'm having a hard time believing that Panos would be stupid enough to do such a thing. Can you please post a link to the article (or any article) that claims the comparison was to a 2012 MacBook Pro? BTW, I did find an article on 9to5Mac that...
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    Hands-on Surface Book review

    I spent an hour at the MS store Friday and my experience was nearly identical to the OP's. I went into the store expecting to prefer and pre-order the SP4. I have become so accustomed to carrying around my SP3, which is so light and thin, that I didn't think I would want the extra weight and...
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    hands-on, let down

    I spent about an hour playing with the SP4 and SB at my local MS store on Friday. Most of that was spent with the SB. I did not notice any significant wobble. My experimentation even included a "lap test." I set up two stools next to a wall, so I could sit on one stool with my back against...
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    [Q] date start shipping?

    Sorry to be harsh. I couldn't help myself. Predictions from customer service reps, in-store or online, are only slightly less accurate than a Magic Eight Ball. Enjoy your Surface Book, whenever it arrives. I'm in the same boat of feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve, and I'll be watching for...
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    [Q] date start shipping?

    If anyone believes they can get an accurate prediction on something like this from some low-wage, online customer service rep in Delhi whose skill set maxes out at "reading a script," then one's intelligence may be less a match for the Surface Book and better suited to, say, a new box of Crayons.
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    All Surface Book models are sold out online (?)

    MS had to take nearly a $1B write-down on the Surface RT because they made far more than they could sell. I'm confident they learned from that mistake. They would have manufactured a conservative number on the first run, and will build more quickly based on how well this run has sold.

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