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    Surface Pro 2 Auto Sleep not working

    Sorry for the really late reply guys but yes, disabling homegroup indeed fixed all the problems. I wasn't aware that it was a Windows 8 problem so never bothered to google with regards to Windows but only with keywords like "Surface" and "Sleep" not working. I couldn't believe it when I made it...
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    Surface Pro 2 Auto Sleep not working

    So after the December Firmware updates, my Surface was one of many which suffered from the 1 hour wakeup. Now I was patient with Microsoft and the issue is now fixed since the January 18 update. Another issue though, which used to work properly has arised. The computer just won't go to...
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    Microsoft Update (Installing same update repeatedly; anyone else?)

    If you get to doing that, pleeeassee let me know too! It's been bothering me a lot but it eases my mind (and hopefully yours too!) that I/we are not alone in experiencing this problem. I'm very interested to see if we're the only users experiencing this or if anyone else is encountering the...
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    Alternative Make-Shift Pen Holder (Pictures Included)

    So I've been loving my Surface Pro 2 so far after replacing my first Surface and I'm seeing a lot more mileage with this lovely device. I can honestly that every improvement (Kickstand and Battery) have fully enhanced the experience of using this powerful machine. However, there was one thing...
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    Microsoft Update (Installing same update repeatedly; anyone else?)

    So as shown on the screenshot, is anyone having the same updates as me for the 2013-10-24 update? I had to do a system restore around that week after the update was installed successfully because my unit wasn't charging (figured out it had something to do with my power bar afterwards since I...

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