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    Nice Video on Windows Blue Features...

    All of this technology has been around for years. It is just the fact that having the right market and to release it into the market in the correct manner. What, when , where, who, how, and why? I might be missing some reasons, but I'm sure you all understand. When the time is right. Do what...
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    Nice Video on Windows Blue Features...

    Everyone already has touchscreen phones, why not have a touchscreen computer? The START screen is just another way to place users favorite information on one screen. And for that 95% statistic, maybe the instructions on how to use Windows 8 should be more clear. Possibly more informative...
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    CNet Reviews the HP Elitepad 900

    I agree with Dan A. This seems to be more focused on the side of ultimate first step security. No accessible data ports on the unit except for when using a dock stand. I assume it will work like this. Employee_ boss, I'm taking my lunch break. The boss_ have you finished analyzing the data that...
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    Nice Video on Windows Blue Features...

    The multiple side by side app feature and the on screen hold and choose keyboard function seems to be the most interesting part of the update. Microsoft Blue is the name yes, why not use v8.1 to save on the confusion?
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    critical error in reliability history

    This error is not going away. COM Surrogate. Usually one error per day. Any idea on how to track down the issue?
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    full system reboot after loss of pen functions

    Yesterday I searched the entire system to find out how to reconnect my surface pro pen. No success in that nor did I find answers online. Started fresh and now its working. This all began after I finished messing around with FreshPaint app, then shutdown by just touching the power button which...
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    Driver_Power_State_Failure -----Defect?

    I found a fix on MS community forums. I changed my wireless battery options, so in time I will let you all know if the fix is solid.
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    Driver_Power_State_Failure -----Defect?

    I recently installed a .NET Framework for use of a Active X required website, (yesterday). Later on (today) my computer lost internet connection, then moments later the screen changed with a notice saying "Driver_Power_State_Failure"? then the computer restarted by itself..... ----Am I in...
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    Report Suggests New Microsoft Surface Tablets Coming Including a 7-Inch Version

    Different Size tablets have much purpose for Different People depending on what the need is. Every industry creates multiple brands and version to Grab the attention necessary to achieve success. With that said, I am now considering letting my boss at work know about the potential benefits of...
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    MS Loyal from Birth to Present

    thanks for the welcome. see you all around.
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    Do Surface Pro Support .Net Framework 2.0 ?

    Now I see what this is for. The program is asking for ActiveX for communications reason. thanks for the help.
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    Do Surface Pro Support .Net Framework 2.0 ?

    A program I want to use requires .Net Framework2.0 and im not sure if I should download 4.0 instead. And even if I download .Net Framework,why Is it not installed on the Surface Pro already? and where should I download? thanks in advance, FindMyWayHome
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    MS Loyal from Birth to Present

    Welcome to all, I am happy to be part of such a forum who's members strive to be number #1 with Microsoft products. I like to learn like everyone else. so lets goo. From my new Surface Pro

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