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    Cleaning The Screen..

    i wipe it with whatever is close to me like tshirt, paper towel, kleenex, microfiber, napkin, if its clean and wipes i use it. no issues :)
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    Installing Update Windows Pro version 1511, 10586

    just about to install this update and wondering if anyone else done it yet?
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    Anyone tried Linux on SP4 yet?

    i would follow the guide HERE
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    cd/dvd writer for sp4?

    i have an external burner that i actually had to dust off the other day and burn a CD for someone. it came with the Y cable but worked just fine on my SP4 with just using a single cable from USB port and burned and played.
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    Should install anti-virus on Surface Pro 4?

    i use Windows Defender, Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit and Anti-Malware and for years i have had no issues. i also try to be a safe user.
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    Poll buy or not buy now, that's a problem

    love the SP4 more than my SP3. wasnt a huge upgrade but enough to make me appreciate it. to add what others have said here i didnt have any "issues" with the performance of the Book and it performed as expected. i just thought the design and build didnt make sense in many aspects and for the...
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    Poll buy or not buy now, that's a problem

    bought it when BB opened on Monday and returned it around 6pm so had it for 8 hours. i knew within 15 minutes it wasnt there yet but gave it a few more hours to try and get on-board with it. a quick few reasons: ALSO KEEP IN MIND - i5 with 256GB HDD cost $2,000 1. felt large and heavy...
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    How many like their SP4 and are definitely keeping it

    liked my SP3 and LOVE the SP4 i also purchased the Book instead of SP4 on Monday and returned it for SP4 within a few hours :)
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    Cheaper Docking Station for SP4?

    there are a good amount of less expensive docks with HDMI so you could get the mini to HDMI adapter for $10
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    Sp4 vs sp3? Student

    i do not use a lot of heavy resource apps BUT still would not buy a PC today that had less than 8GB ram because if you watch your ram it will use more than 4GB easily if it has it. if i were on a budget i would buy the SP3 i5
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    Surface pro4 going back

    as a side note my general iPad response is "do me a favor and send me an email and attach that picture you took and that PDF document i need" ;) but seriously i do not have issues with mine and sorry you are having these problems
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    Surface pro4 going back

    WOW i have to say WOW i bought the SP3 and went through a few hiccups going to 10 but my i5 256GB SP4 has been as smooth as i could have asked for. maybe you should ask for some help or list your issues to see if a possible hardware or user error items you have causing you grief?
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    Power Brick Voltage - SP4 & SB

    i owned the Book for a few hours and didnt care for it and went and returned it for SP4 but i wanted to add that i used my SP3 power adapter to charge it since it was plugged in and handy with no issue and i had the i5 256GB Book. i am on my SP4 now watching streaming on my SP3 that is using...
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    Surface Pro 3 Dock with Surface Pro 4?

    threw mine in my dock today for work and with the keyboard removed as i always did with my SP3 and did not experience any issues. if a spacer is needed and free i will certainly apply it but my 2 additional monitors and logitech keyboard and trackpad all worked as expected.
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    Already Bought Book Then Returned It For SP4

    i knew going in it was the 1st Edition and if you think about the Surface Pro it really took until the 3rd version to get it right so the Book may become something i am interested in again someday. loving my SP4 though :)