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    Surface book 2 battery pluged in not charging :

    Try a quick reset. Hold down power button and volume up at the same time for about 10 seconds. it should go to boot mode. Then just exit boot and restart. Should fix it.
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    Hard-Case for Clipboard

    +1 Love this this case.
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    Latest Intel graphic card update

    I didn't have a failed update but Windows Hello stopped working. A restart fixed the problem, however.
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    Youtube Reviewer Sends Surface Book Back For Refund

    Agreed. @Niterider4 , why didn't you return the SB when you were within the return period? Or why didn't you do proper research when buying it? If you had problems from the get go, return it. Simple. I would never consider keeping a defective device especially if I had paid $2500. I would...
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    Outlook Magnification

    I can use the pinch gesture to make the message text area bigger and easier to read. Pinch easily zooms in/out. Not sure if this is what you mean vs pinching the entire Outlook screen.
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    Cant Launch Steam Games

    I just kicked off Fallout 4 on Steam and have been playing for the last 30 min without any problems. Perhaps make sure that all updates have been downloaded and installed since you just purchased your SB.
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    Trying Surface Book - returned sp4 m3 and sp4 i5

    Agreed that that the IPP and SB both have note-taking capabilities. But that's pretty much where the comparison stops. The IPP is just a bigger Ipad w/added pen. It's still just an Ipad where you can install apps. The SB is full blown laptop capable of installing 1000's of application not...
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    SB - Hard to take quick handwritten notes in one note with clipboard attached.

    I'm in sales. I use the pen everyday at work to take notes. I Totally agree with this. I'm in sales and I use the pen every work day to write notes and copy whiteboard drawings. I have never considered writing with the clipboard attached. It just doesn't make sense. I either detach, turn...
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    Fallout 4- Playable on the SB w/dGPU? (A SB vs SP4 dilemma)

    I don't mind the stretching. It isn't real bad and I prefer the full screen rather than black bars on top and bottom.
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    Fallout 4- Playable on the SB w/dGPU? (A SB vs SP4 dilemma)

    I don't have any issues playing on just battery. My comment was about having the power cable attached was due to the battery life draining quickly so that you only get a couple hours. My gaming sessions sometimes last longer than two hours so I recommend having the power cable attached. You...
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    Fallout 4- Playable on the SB w/dGPU? (A SB vs SP4 dilemma)

    I didn't have to do anything special other than change the resolution for Fallout 4. I haven't tried playing with only tablet. I do know that if you start the game in laptop mode, it will prevent you from disconnecting the tablet since it is using the dgpu. I'll try tonight with just tablet...
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    Fallout 4- Playable on the SB w/dGPU? (A SB vs SP4 dilemma)

    Yep, I've been playing Fallout 4 on my SB (i7/16/512) for the last month. If you try to play at max resolution (3000x2000) it works great but it messes up the lock picking so you can't see it. Not good. You have to drop resolution down to 1920x1080 and then it will run without issues. I have...
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    Problems so far...

    Sorry, I was in a hurry. If you swipe up along the bottom edge of the tablet (clipboard) regardless of holding it in landscape or portrait, it should bring up the taskbar which should have the Windows button. You should then be able to press and hold it to bring up the option to shutdown or...
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    Problems so far...

    I can swipe up on the clipboard bottom and it brings up the taskbar which has the Windows button. Press and hold the Windows button and it will give you the options to Shutdown or Log out.
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    N-Trig jitter is driving me nuts!

    Uh, seriously? You expect manufacturers to be honest and not lie about their products? You obviously are not in Sales, Marketing, or have your own business. If companies were all up front and honest about their products, nothing would ever sell.

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