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    SP4 us version in the uk

    A very big difference is that it won't come with a 2 year EU warranty (up to 7 years in UK) and that has got to be worth a good amount to you. Other than that the machines should be identical. The only thing different with US models is the type cover will have a US arrangement rather then UK.
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    Tempted to return my sp4 and get a SB

    I was 100% going to buy the surface book when I first heard of it, thinking it was essentially a surface pro 4 with a dock. The battery situation and lack of stand (which is such an oversight, that thing is amazing) made me choose the SP4.
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    SP4 sudden single point back light bleed

    Well I seem to have had really bad luck. 1st surface pro had broken fan, replaced. 2nd surface pro has suddenly, out of nowhere (and is 2 weeks old roughly) developed a serious back light bleed in the exact same spot I saw someone on reddit have a week or two ago. (about a third of the way from...
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    Surface Software Update is SPOT ON

    Hi guys, I have this update and have changed the pens button to load onenote 2016 instead of metro. Like everything else this surface pro4 launch, it's one step forward 2 steps.... to the side! So now I can open Onenote 2016, with the pen button, when my surface pro 4's screen is on. But when...
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    Surface Pro 4 MicroSD Card

    the sp4 takes up the 2tb of sd cards, which will not exist for a few years yet. I own the SanDisk 200GB and it works great, read speed of about 80MBs.
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    SP4 and Windows 10 ...MS read and FIX!!

    I decided to risk using my SP4 once again for work yesterday... it died on me during a lesson, just went black like it switched itself off. I was just showing a static text based website. Pressing the power button showed the surface symbol and it booted normally... Really lame. For live sport...
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    SP4 and Windows 10 ...MS read and FIX!!

    The SP4 makes me a little sad. The hardware is pretty much perfectly designed, the software feels like it's out of the late 90's. Windows 10 is both my favourite and most hated windows experience yet (I actually found Vista to not be that bad, and I find windows 10 hangs a device or crashes more...
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    It's going back :( Quite sad, tbh

    lol, I would be the same if I gave back my SP4. At the moment, it is too unstable to be used for work, so is a complete waste of money for my needs... but I wouldn't want to live without it, and once MS fixes the sleep, hibernate device killing bugs, it will be the Mclaren of the tablet/portable...
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    It's going back :( Quite sad, tbh

    edge could be one of the causes of my headaches, agreed. But the scrolling is 10x better than anything chrome can do, chrome is a great browser but it feels positively chuggy and old for touch. Edge really feels snappy in comparison... and has bugs, many many bugs. It is the default browser on...
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    It's going back :( Quite sad, tbh

    I have done everything on that list too, inc turning off WiFi whilst sleeping, power hibernate etc... But that is a fail right there. I'm guessing you know a lot about computers, as do I. For the average person, having to do quite a few things manually to get some sort of stability out of a...
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    Buying advice

    I have already done that. Hibernation is what I'm talking about as it also fails on me maybe 1/10 times, more so if I leave edge running (but sometimes I simply can not close the browser without task manager). It shows the surface logo, then black screen with just the IR camera on red. It is the...
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    It's going back :( Quite sad, tbh

    The ssd is the only thing of the SP4 hardware=side that confuses me. I have heard that there are Samsung drivers in the wild that can double the write speed for the SP4, but have not tried them myself (I have enough issues already, without trying to bypass windows update in updating firmware. My...
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    Buying advice

    Flight799, I would recommend this whatever the case, but definitely as you're coming from Apple. WAIT! Make the purchase in January when MS have fixed some of the show killing bugs on the SP4. I can not use my SP4 for work any longer, as I have had failures to boot windows from sleep and...
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    The horror... I cancelled my order for the Pro 4

    Glad you got it sorted. To be honest, since my last reply, I have had no end of problems with the SP4. I have given up using it for work now as it is far to unstable to be trusted on the field. MS have promised fixes, but not until 2016!!! I hope you have more luck than me, or can be patient...
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    It's going back :( Quite sad, tbh

    I totally understand your frustrations. At first I was telling everyone tell get the SP4, but now, no way. I'm on my second too, the first had Hardware problems (that happens, it's ok to me) but you're right, reinstalling windows and apps takes forever. Since the last updates I have had even...

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