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    Trouble With SP4 Type Cover

    Hi. I'm seeing this intermittently on my wife's SP4. Suddenly the cover goes unresponsive at boot. The solution that works to get it working is long press the power button (press and hold down for a minimum of 30 sec) - after that the KB comes alive and usually stays ok for about 6 months.
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    Confusing Firmware downloads

    Hi vindicarblack, do this: Settings > System > About, Scroll down until you see OS Build, Check the number and match to OS Build version in filename - see example below: e.g [OS Build 16299.98] => Get the matching one, in this case SurfaceLaptop_Win10_16299_1704008_0.msi
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    Which set of Surface Drivers do I download?

    Simplest: If you want to run driver update as a single install, download and run: [SurfaceBook_Win10_15063_1702000_0.msi] Highest control but time consuming and complex: If you want to search for updated drivers or install them 1:1 - then download, expand and search for drivers with...
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    Is it only me?

    I've had my S4Pro i7-16/512 GB ~a year now and with the exception of having it replaced 2 month ago (SSD died - received a brand new replacement unit next day) my experience is much different. For ref: My use case, Heavy Office use inc Visio/Project, MoM/Todo on OneNote with Pen - also using...

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