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    Detach sound is so loud!

    I don't believe that CLACK is a system sound, rather the mechanical latches. Not much you can do about that.
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    Sell my SP4 and get a SB?

    Buy it for the same reason I did...I liked it, and I wanted it!;)
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    Rugged Case for Clipboard?

    Does anyone make a rugged case for the Clipboard? I'd love to take into the field with me, but not without protection.
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    SD card only goes in half way

    Could we get a photo of it inserted in the slot?
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    SD card only goes in half way

    I always have a full backup...just in case the system craps out on me while away, I just do a restore.
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    SB i7/256/8 slight bulge on the back of tablet from heat?

    I saw one in the Microsoft store with a SHARP dent...from the inside out. How the heck does that happen? It had to have happened at the factory.
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    My DecalGirl skin...

    You the thin like between each key? If that's what you mean, no. Not to mention that would be a nightmare to install.
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    SD card only goes in half way

    But is the Nifty Drive the right size? The first one I got, made for a Macbook did not even go in far enough to make contact.
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    SD card only goes in half way

    Well, it's made for a MAC ;) If the slot were spring loaded, they could make a flush one. I wish they would have used the Micro SD like the Surface Pro.
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    SD card only goes in half way

    I received the new 103A version of this SD converter, and it's just what I wanted. Not perfectly flush, but you need the tab to remove the card. Very happy with this one.
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    My DecalGirl skin...

    Fit was excellent, with very minor alignment issues.
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    Surface PRO 2 replacement screen

    Just google it. Many options. Touch Screen Digitizer Surface Pro 2 | But replacing it is a real pain!
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    A month with the Surface Book

    Thanks, ordered myself one last week.
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    A month with the Surface Book

    Let's see that Decal Girl skin!
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    SD card only goes in half way

    What ever you do, do not order this one. It does NOT insert far enough to reach the contacts. Misses it by a long shot. I am going to try this one...

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