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    USB 3.0 hub for SP3 I7 256G

    Thanks for your reply. Another person made the same suggestion. I'm curious about 1 thing. Is it surprising that the SP3 USB port has enough juice to power the USB drive (its actually a hard disk, not flash memory) when the drive is plugged directly into it, but not when it is plugged in via...
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    USB 3.0 hub for SP3 I7 256G

    Thanks. Any recommendations for a good powered hub? Would Best Buy be a good place to look? Amazon has a "7-port USB 3.0 hub w/ power adaptor" for $30. Maybe I should try that.
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    USB 3.0 hub for SP3 I7 256G

    Hello. I am new to this forum. I have a Surface Pro 128GB and a Surface Pro 3 I7 256GB. I am right now using an ANKER USB3.0 4-Port hub, plugged into the USB port of the Surface Pro (not the SP3). One Port of this hub contains the dohickie enabling the Microsoft keyboard and mouse to...

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