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    My Surface Pro 3 Experience Post Mortem

    Thanks. I'm sure I will. I certainly wouldn't say I was frustrated with the SP3, and to be honest my disappointments were few. They were merely in a couple of key areas with regard to my own portable computing needs. It was absolutely a worthwhile experiment for me. I do look forward to...
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    My Surface Pro 3 Experience Post Mortem

    First, please let me make this perfectly clear - I still believe the SP3 is a fantastic device of evolutionary design, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to others. I just thought I would provide a bit of feedback on why I decided it's not for me. This is purely meant as informational...
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    SP3's Fine Behind: PROTECTED!

    I would definitely style up my SP3 if it were the i3 version *maybe* the i5. My i7 needs all the cooling it can get, though. I would guess a screen protector on the back would increase temps by a good 10% or more.
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    Headline reads "Microsoft can't catch a break, CNN election reporters using surfaces as iPad stands"

    It stinks of some Apple fanboy journalist cherry-picking an opportunity for a disingenuous jab at Microsoft.
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    I wonder if the USB3 port on the SP3 supplies enough power to effectively run that device.
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    Do Not BUY SP3. You will be sorry

    Someone, somewhere has had this sort of experience with pretty much every product ever released to the public. It's unfortunate, but it happens. However, this is most certainly *not* the norm that potential buyers should worry about. My condolences for your being at the wrong end of the bell...
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    attempted to buy at retailer - bad experience

    Apple products are marketed as *the* devices to have. They're the cool/hip choice. Best Buy is likely just capitalizing on that widespread bit of propaganda. The fact is that people wanting these products for business or other demanding uses have all but become a niche demographic, as more...
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    Urban Armor Gear Black Case Review with Pics

    Since you're a Pats fan, you have zero credibility and everything that comes out of your mouth is, inherently, pure jibber jabber. Go Colts! Seriously though, nice review. It's a sweet-looking case. I would probably buy one, if only the laws of thermodynamics would change to make it possible...
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    Urban Armor Gear Red Case - Quick Review w/ Pics

    In my case the answer to the first question is two, and they were critical failures. The answer to the second one is none, as I am uber careful with my stuff. I love the look of the case, and I'm sure you're going to enjoy the heck out of it. I have to fall on the side of msolok, though. The...
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    Where are the cases for the SP3?

    I'm holding out hope that a FreedomCase is released for the SP3. It's the only case I've found that leaves the back of the SP3 uncovered while in use, so heat dissipation is not reduced. It looks like it would be really comfortable for laptop use as well.
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    The reason why it's called Windows 10

    This is the most feasible explanation. Seriously, a code issue as minor as an if {} statement would be so simple to change anywhere it was used. As is always the case, it's all about marketing.
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    kickstand free play

    I bought my SP3 i7 256GB at Best Buy. They had to order it for me, as they don't stock the i7's at all. When I got it home, I saw that it also had zero resistance between closed and the point where the resistance is supposed to increase significantly (30-degrees or so?). If I let go of it...
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    sp3 vs yoga pro2

    I was down to a decision between the SP3 and Yoga Pro 2 as well. For me it came down to size and weight. I thought the display on the Yoga was pretty close to the SP3 from an image quality standpoint. Using it as a tablet, however, just seemed to be something it wasn't very good at (or...
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    Disabling Absolute in UEFI

    That would appear to be the case, unless you take it to work and connect to the network there, in which case it may be activated automatically by the on-site activation servers?
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    Best Charging Method to Protect SP3 Battery Lifetime

    I always wondered about charge cycles. Are they referring to full charge cycles (0-100%) or any charging process (say, plugging it in at 80%)? Also, would charging from 50% still equate to one full charge cycle or .5 cycles? I believe someone posted a link recently to an in-depth look at...

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