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    headphones required

    Hey guys, finally I ordered Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones for my surface laptop. Excited to get it soon.
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    Screen Protector, or no screen protector, that is the question

    I also love to use screen protectors because I can't bear even a little scratch on my screen. Scratches on screen make very annoying.
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    Compatble DVD reader/writer

    Thanks for those useful products but can you please list the latest portable DVD drives.
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    Surface pro charging issues

    You have 3 surface pro's and all stopped charging and went to sleep mode. This happens to me as well but only for single device not for all. Actually this also happens to me because of the issues in extension board. You should also check that one.
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    What model of Surface?

    I am also listening to ST15 very first time. You must ask surface service providers for this.
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    HELP Surface laptop flashes logo but doesn't boot

    Every electronics is repairable by the manufacturer as they have the right tools to work with. So, in such condition when our system or any other electronics product is in warranty period then we should send the product to manufacturer service station.
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    Surface Laptop Keycaps

    Here is a link provided by the Microsoft support for "Clean and care for your Surface Laptop".
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    What's the best browser to use with Surface devices?

    Yes, firefox can be a better option for speed but for extensions. Chrome offer various extensions to work or ease of use.
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    What's the best browser to use with Surface devices?

    Yes, chrome causes a lot of problem but i don't know why i am still using it. LOL :p
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    Annoyance while switching users

    Great, it means @suface49's problem solved now :D
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    Annoyance while switching users

    simply cover the camera with any cloth or your hand...
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    microsoft precision surface mouse

    Send it back and sit relax. A technical fault can occur in any device anytime and no matter what it costs. :)
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    Microsoft Surface Laptop (Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM, 128GB) - Platinum

    No, I am happy with the current performance but I am excited to know if there is anything extra that can increase its performance more than the present.
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    Need Suggestion for DVD player!!!

    ok... thanks for the suggestion :cool:
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    Need Suggestion for DVD player!!!

    I don't know why that shared link is not working on your side. Please find the s.shot that website and device below:

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