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    Heads up to Bitlocker users

    Poking around my security settings and just noticed that it seems Bitlocker was turned off by the upgrade to Win 10. Just a heads up to those who invoked Bitlocker in Win 8.1.
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    SP3 Ethernet Adapter frequently requires reset

    Yep - that did it for me....thanks
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    Ethernet Dropping

    I experienced the same thing and your solution worked for me...thanks for your post. Oddly, however, in an effort to isolate the problem I used a USB ethernet connection and my connection still dropped. So the Dock was not a suspect for me.
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    SP3 Ethernet Adapter frequently requires reset

    This is becoming annoying. Not sure whether my recent experience is related to Win10 but I didn't have this problem while on Win8. SP3 connects to a Uverse modem via MS Dock. Several times a day I lose my network connection and the SP3 automatically switches to wireless which allows me to...
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    Today - Hanging Win 10 Update on SP3

    I do not mind the auto-download of updates but I wish I could control the update installation process like I could on Win 8. Regardless, I needed to reboot and only then did I realize that an update was being installed. The message "do not turn off computer" was displayed for about 10 minutes...
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    How do you prepare for upgrade

    My thinking is to not upgrade my work machine for a while and kinda monitor others" experience. It also seems prudent to somehow perform a backup that enables me to restore as quickly as possible should something go south. So what are you doing to prepare, if anything?
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    Today's firmware update 6/23/2015
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    Firmware Update on 5/19/15

    Received a number of updates tonight...
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    Second System Firmware Update - 3/26/15

    Today I received and download of and installed a firmware update dated 3/26/15. I bring it up only because a firmware update with the same title, "System Firmware Update - 3/26/15" was sucessfully installed on 3/26/15. It was a non-event but am curious what this update included.
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    System Firmware Update 1/15/2015

    I tried downloading and pointing but this noob evidently didn't do it right. The download site above offered access to a number of different files. I guess I am uncertain which one to download and to which specific file or directory I should point the update to, to complete the update.
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    System Firmware Update 1/15/2015

    My driver hasn't changed either. My OS is 8.1...should I have received an update too?
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    Mini DisplayPort on new docking station doesn't work

    Well I have been happily using my full dock replacement for several weeks and it has behaved flawlessly.
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    Mini DisplayPort on new docking station doesn't work

    correct...they never brought it up.
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    Mini DisplayPort on new docking station doesn't work

    Update - I gently pushed back and Support is sending me a replacement dock...I am hopeful this will improve my experience.
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    Mini DisplayPort on new docking station doesn't work

    I too am experiencing intermittent display issues. My Indian tech support friend has asked me to do a Refresh which will then require the re-installation of dozens of programs...what a pia. As fate would have it, my desktop monitor is going in and out as I write this note.

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