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    Surface Pro 5 Discussion

    Late to this thread, but damn I can't imagine them releasing anything without an avalanche of bugs. I have owned (and returned) every surface product since the sp2 because of bugs. I sure hope we will see a USB-C/TB3 40gbps port with the option for external GPU. I haven't lost faith yet
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    Surface 3 not working on 5Ghz wifi

    I just scooped a S3 up today. My 5ghz speeds are 1/8th of my 2.4ghz speeds..... This is sitting about 10 ft from router. All my other devices are blazing fast on the 5ghz chan. Shrug
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    Who's getting one?

    I'll probably have work get me one. I have been through so many different devices in the last couple years... I have a real love/hate relationship with the surface line. I need to take notes and sketch. I will always hate the lack of a clamshell keyboard option. If Microsoft made an addon that...
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    New product announcement on the 30th?

    My EXACT situation. Just signed to finalize purchase on a home. Needs at least 50k in renovation and I still want to buy *&^%&*^% uggggh
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    New product announcement on the 30th?

    I'll go pick one up being this is kind of (my world)
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    New product announcement on the 30th?

    Yea I'm more or less thinking as a consumption device to replace my iPad. When i'm at my desktop/workstation I like having a little device that has music/chat and non work related stuff on it. Sp3 screen is too big for that
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    New product announcement on the 30th?

    I'm pretty sure their watch isn't ready for holiday season. I would probably buy a Surface mini for the hell of it.
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    New product announcement on the 30th?

    So I was at the Microsoft store on my lunch the other day (close to my office) and was checking to see if there were any cool new tablets to pickup for family since I have the store credit. Anyways a guy working there that I have dealt with a few times now said hold on to my credit until the...
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    SP2 vs SP3 for drawing

    I have owned both and prefer the Wacom over the N-Trig.... Typography for me was much better on the SP2... I didn't have the Sp3 with the latest update however so maybe it's improved...
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    A year of issues - a happy ending

    The only thing I love is the trackpad. I have yet to find a Windows laptop with anything close... With that being said... When I say I hate OSX It's buggy... 1) I use and external monitor and my menu bar randomly jumps from one screen to the other (it drives me nuts) 2) The Bluetooth audio...
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    Any Happy SP3 users?

    After going through a SP2 and Sp3, I do have a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga now... With that being said, if they made a thinner version of this with a better screen it would be the perfect device for me. I hate not having a "clamshell" style keyboard/computer combo. Type cover + surface is not lap...
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    My first impressions with the sp3 i7, i'm an illustrator.

    I had purchased a SP2 for design work went through hell and a year later got a refund. I picked up a SP3 and hated the N-trig and wasn't willing to deal with all the little bugs again so I just took it back.... Surface is an awesome concept that was riddled with bugs and annoying issues for...
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    A year of issues - a happy ending

    It sucks... I absolutely hate using OSX and not having touch on my Macbook. I ended up taking back the Surface Pro 3 and a Surface 2 my girlfriend wanted. Limited Wifi after waking from sleep on both devices and then on her Surface 2 it started opening all websites as the "mobile" versions "I...
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    A year of issues - a happy ending

    That's what I mean. I push it rendering in Solid Works. Adhesive gets loose, eventually starts making noise when I grip it or use the pen.