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    Urban Armor Gear Surface Pro 2 case announced

    Out of curiosity, who was the Amazon seller that sent you the iPad case? The first time I bought the case they sent me the iPad Air UAG instead. Had to wait until Amazon had it back in stock so I could buy it directly from them (at $8 more too, ugh.) On a side note, the amazing thing about this...
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    Surface Pro 4 - wishlists!

    THESE. With a "hard cover" they would solve the biggest problem stopping them from being a true laptop replacement-stability/typing experience. Also, making it upgradeable like normal PCs would be game changing! Can you imagine a tablet with slots for more RAM or upgradeable processors...
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    Posting as my Page on Facebook

    So I have a couple of pages on Facebook (music/band page etc.) Normally on my phone I can just open the left menu in the FB app and choose my page and post as my page. I can also choose to share statuses as my page instead of myself. I cant seem to do either on the Facebook Surface app. If I go...
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    Is Internet Explorer on the Surface Pros safe to use yet?

    I know Internet Explorer isn't really safe yet since those warnings to stop using it in the beginning of the month - but I was hoping it was different for the Surface Pros/app version? I've been using the Desktop versions of Firefox and Opera but I'm tired of them. I miss the interface and...
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    Windows Phone Appearance on Tablets?

    Ooooooh I see what you did there, that's why its so cluttered.
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    Windows Phone Appearance on Tablets?

    @Kayzee I like it! Maybe bigger tiles to make less clutter but that's what I'm going for! Why isn't this an option?
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    Discoloration around Charging Port

    Well that sucks, now I'm rethinking getting a skin for my Pro. I don't really like any of the skins though.
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    Windows Phone Appearance on Tablets?

    I love the way the Windows tiles look on my Surface Pro but love how they look even more on Windows phones! Is there any way to make the tiles bigger and fill more of the screen on tablets like they do on their Mobile platforms?
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    Discoloration around Charging Port

    Has anyone experienced this discoloration around the charging port? It almost looks like the surface is chipping, I'm assuming from the heat of the connection?
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    Problems saving pictures in Internet Explorer

    Weird, I haven't done anything different but now pics save fine in Internet Explorer even in Metro/Modern mode.
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    Problems saving pictures in Internet Explorer

    It's not a website: When you have a pic open in Internet Explorer through the Metro (Tablet OS) side of the Surface Pro click on the wrench icon that's comes up near the bottom right when you bring up the bottom status bar/the bar with the web address: When you click on it There is an "View...
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    Problems saving pictures in Internet Explorer

    I haven’t used IE in a long, long time either but since the Surface Pro is my first (real) foray into Windows I wanted to go whole hog and dive deep into the eco-system. Honestly besides the saving pics issue I haven’t had any issues with Internet Explorer and have enjoyed it so far. In fact, I...
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    Problems saving pictures in Internet Explorer

    I didn't see a Windows OS subforum so I wasn't sure where else to post this. I can't save any pictures in Internet Explorer when in tablet mode for my Surface Pro, but Internet Explorer in the desktop saves pictures just fine. What is the tablet OS side of the Surface Pro called anyways...

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