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    Next gen Surface in testing !!!

    Having tried the RT, it wasn't really that bad, when you consider the hardware you were using. It was the price vs. performance that killed it. That, and the fact that it, a Tegra3 was competing against Intel Atom, Celeron, and i5 powered products, all priced fairly close to each other, made no...
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    [GIVEAWAY] Pen, Sleeve and Micro SD

    1. Windows Office 2010 2. Microsoft Streets and Trips 2013 3. Anarchy Online 4. 3DMark11 5. McAfee Anti-Virus 6. Microsoft Mathematics 7. iTunes
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    What Surface Pro improvements would you like to see in Windows Blue?

    1. Offer Windows Blue on a USB memory stick, since more and more systems, Tablets and Laptops, don't come w/a DVD. 2. When installing on the Surface Pro, only load the drivers needed, in order to conserve as much SSD memory space as possible on it. Keep the install as clean, and as small...
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    New HD 4000 Video Driver Officially Available at Intel (

    New official video driver now available for download.*&DownloadType=Drivers I should say that this is Intel's official release. We need Microsoft to officially...
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    New IMPROVED HD 4000 Graphics Driver on the way from Intel this week.

    According to a posting here, Microsoft Surface Pro gaming performance and benchmarks - Page 6 , there is a noticeable improvement w/Beta Driver 15.31.3055.
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    New IMPROVED HD 4000 Graphics Driver on the way from Intel this week.

    According to the attached article, Intel’s latest HD 4000 Graphics Driver, due out this week, improves performance up to 10%, reduces power consumption, and adds features. Intel?s Latest HD 4000 Graphics Driver Improves Performance up to 10%, Reduces Power Consumption, Adds Features «...
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    Razer-edge Gaming Tablet is available.

    There's a lot that could be done w/the SP. While the SP doesn't have any Nvidia GPU, it's graphics aren't that bad, and could maybe be better if there was a REAL tuneable driver available. Imagine a gaming mount similar to what the Edge has, but for the SP, which could, for example even...
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    New Marvel AVASTAR driver...

    Thanks. ;)
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    Any Intel Tuned Video Drivers available for the Surface Pro?

    Looking at the files in the downloaded Intel Driver, I notice some Firmware files. Would installing an Intel generic driver on the SP cause any problems w/those Firmware files? When I was asking about any Tuned Video Drivers, I was refering to a driver specifically set up for the SP.
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    New Marvel AVASTAR driver...

    It has yet to show up in my Windows Update. Any way to search for it?
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    Any Intel Tuned Video Drivers available for the Surface Pro?

    Hi, First, how does one access the original video driver's Control Panel in Microsoft's Surface Pro (SP)? I thought it was Cltrl/Alt/F12, but nothing comes up. Has anyone come out yet w/a tuned Intel video driver specific for the HD4000 in the SP, which allows more video settings and...
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    Games on the Pro - Please post experiences here.

    I've been playing the MMORPG game Anarchy Online, w/o any problems, at 1680x 1050 (32 bit) on my external monitor. I did have to correct the display's scale. It also works fine on the built in display at its full 1920x1080 (32 bit) resolution. No scale adjustment. In both cases, there...
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    Surface Pro Available in Microsoft Store . . . for 3/12 Shipment

    I picked up mine on Wednesday of this week at the Microsoft Store in Bellevue, WA. I happened to stopped by the store just to take a look at it, not expecting to buy one, when I asked the salesperson when they expected the 128 GB Pro to be back in stock. He said they had them in, and so I...
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    HD4000 Driver

    I just downloaded the latest one ( from Intel's website, and loaded it just yesterday. It loaded and runs just fine. It offers more graphical tweaks/settings in it than the OEM driver which came w/the Pro from Microsoft, though it is far from being nearly as good, settings wise...

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