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    Battery wear level

    Did you notice that you had a problem since you got the device? The battery is supposed to keep about 80% of its original capacity after 3-4 years based on usage.
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    Windows 10 upgrade on a SP2 thread

    The Anniversary of Windows 10 should coming up next month as well. This version of Windows 10 is much more polished, and has a nice number of new features. But yes, you have 30 days to return back to Windows 8.1 after you upgraded to Windows 10. I tried it, for testing, and it does work indeed...
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    Microsoft replaced my surface pro 2 with pro 3

    Nha, they'll wait until a new batch of refurbished unit arrives, or give you a higher end model. And if they have nothing, you'll get a refurbished SP4. But you can be sure you'll get a SP3 of the same model
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    Pro 2 PEN Eraser

    It uses 2 thin long clips. You can't put glue else it will stick to the down position. If you can find the broken clips, then you try and glue them back with super glue if you know how to use it, and the patience to put these small clips, else you are looking at a new pen. DO NOT glue the inside...
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    Microsoft replaced my surface pro 2 with pro 3

    The device is made of 3 components: motherboard which contains everything nicely soldered on, screen, wireless card (including bluetooth) and SSD. The rest, all on the motherboard, which you can call it systemboard. That is it is so expensive. The thinner the system, the more integrated...
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    Microsoft replaced my surface pro 2 with pro 3

    If they see damage, they assume the internal is damaged, and if you don't have accidental warranty, they can't do a replacement. Keep in mind that Microsoft doesn't fix your system, as the system can't be opened easily, there is a full process that takes time to do. So they'll send you a...
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    Terrible Build quality II: magnesium alloy body

    Pff, you wish. Personally, I expected more from the SP4, and even the Surface Book. I expected USB type-C connector. The excuse of no room for anything on the Pro 2/3 doesn't apply anymore on the Pro 4, nor Surface Book. I also expected OLED display for both systems, considering the price. I...
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    Terrible Build quality II: magnesium alloy body

    I don't know, maybe I am used that my previous systems were all in magnesium, so I got used to it. I guess to me, it is like buying glossy plastic product and wonder that because you didn't get softest cloth possible, it got all scratch from removing dust from it. All Surface models, the body...
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    Terrible Build quality II: magnesium alloy body

    I have to agree with Max. Think about this: As we don't know the full composition of magnesium alloy, lets' just assume it is full magnesium, as it mostly that. -> Would you prefer a Surface device that has the same shape and form as now, but in aluminum but because of this is 33% heavier...
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    Terrible Build quality II: magnesium alloy body

    Magnesium is a metal that can't be dyed, and doesn't have a nice color barebone, unlike aluminum. But, it is lighter and stronger than aluminum. As weight is a big problem in the Surface Pro line, Microsoft is kinda stuck with magnesium. As magnesium can't be dyed, it can only be painted. The...
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    New firmware release! And updated Intel drivers

    Hello! I noticed today a yesterday dated firmware update that was available today in Windows Update. I just updated to the latest Fast ring build (Build: 14271) This is excellent news! This should fix crashing drivers issue, and perhaps other improvements
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    Surface pen interferes with WiDi TV

    All I know is that TV built-in miracast / WiDi system are very iffy to start with. Usually manufactures tests with it own latest devices, and doesn't bother on anything that didn't sale like hot cakes, despite a premium product from them, or anything lower end. Also, if I am not mistaken...
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    Microsoft replaced my surface pro 2 with pro 3

    This is just a guess, probably Microsoft expectation of replacement from "send to repair" system (where they pay ~500-550 U.S, from what I remember), and warranty replacement was higher then expected. As the SP4 was about to be released, they probably top SP3 production a while back. So now they...