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    Husband and I just got one i7 each

    We went to try it out in the MS store. And we were both surprised at how satisfying the user experience was. So, we each got an i7 SL2. The blue one is mine. :D
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    Thought MS would like to know

    First of all, I work as an engineer for a large engineering firm. By large, I mean 10K+ engineers strong with revenue in the billions. My boss came by my office today to chat and whatnot. He told me that he along with many others in upper management, including the CEO, have been pushing for...
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    swipe from the left in browser?

    Single most used function in 8 for me. Can I bring it back in edge?
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    Don't let me keep you from telling us about it.
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    Modern Word Processor Discussion Thread

    I am currently uploading the latest version of Metro Word. The user can now print individual pages, ranges of pages, etc. Footer and header now shows up on printed pages. It was a bug that sometimes it showed and sometimes it didn't. The user can now save custom colors for future use. The...
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    They should call windows 10 windows 7.1, because that's what it is. 8.1 has been very friendly to both touch and desktop. 7.1 is a desktop OS only.
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    Question for you guys. As the release date is only a couple months away, has MS implemented a better tablet mode for W10? Or is it still windows 7.1?
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    Microsoft Store Distribution

    Again, you shouldn't take people from BB too seriously regarding these stuff. These people are high school grads. Just because they work at an electronic chain store doesn't mean they know more than you. When you ask your questions, try to keep them simple and never get into an argument with...
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    Modern Word Processor Discussion Thread

    I know that some people in the past have complained about the inking part in the handdraw feature being cumbersome to use. And I agree. I've been working on an inking control for a line of business app for my company. It is 1000 times better than the code I used for Metro Word. Sometime this...
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    Microsoft's Kenote Debuts 'Project Spartan' with its New Name: Microsoft Edge

    From this point of view, "edge" is a terrible name. People from many different Asian languages would have a hard time pronouncing it, especially the monosyllabic and multitonal languages.
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    Speed up PDF Annotator?

    I've been using drawboard. It is unstable. I even know exactly what circumstances would cause it to crash. I've exchanged emails back and forth with the 2 guys that created and maintain drawboard. I think they have a good thing going with their plans. I just wish they'd track down the...
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    Staffpad - music notation software

    $70 is not steep at all if it's a quality app. I don't understand this new freemium mentality that is flying around. People don't seem to care about quality anymore. They want their single purpose, barely functional $0.99 apps.
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    Microsoft Store Distribution

    Windows bad ipad good. That's all they know. Employees at these stores are high school grads that don't even know the difference between capacitive and resistive touch screens.
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    Surface Pro 4 Likely Coming Late 2015 with Powerful New Features

    I would sell my first born child to buy a surface pro 4 if the screen is made of graphene.
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    Surface Pro 4 Likely Coming Late 2015 with Powerful New Features

    I recently inadvertently fixed the bluetooth wifi lag. I installed windows 10. Then when I realized windows 10 was actually windows 7.1, I wiped everything and reinstalled windows 8.1 from the image I downloaded from the MS website. After that, never had wifi or bluetooth lag again. So, a...

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