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    Computer's reliability and problem history

    Post screenshot of your reliability history, which I'm sure looks very similar to the one posted. I doubt you notice all the issues that are actually happening, since Windows is actually amazing at recovering from various driver issues, but various issues happen all the time during resume from...
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    Computer's reliability and problem history

    Notice how no one else is posting their reliability history report? That's because they are all the same for surface book and surface pro 4. There are tons of daily app/driver crashes, and few windows crashes. I have yet to see anyone with a surface book or surface pro 4 post a reliability...
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    A month with the Surface Book

    Mind posting screenshots of your reliability history report (search reliability history or security and maintenance -> maintenance -> view reliability history"), your battery report (powercfg.exe /batteryreport) and sleepstudy report (elevated command prompt powercfg.exe /sleepstudy) ? I...
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    GPU degrades graphics peformance

    It's been known for quite some time that this is a custom version of the 940m with faster memory. Your results beat the 940m, and that's all you should expect. The dGPU is definitely much faster than the 520 iGPU as benchmarks and real world use has shown, so there must be something screwed up...
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    Display Driver Errors driving me crazy..!!!

    Dang, are you able to reproduce the crash consistently? Please post the steps to reproduce. Also, can you check the Event Viewer, and post the details from the System error log?
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    Display Driver Errors driving me crazy..!!!

    Oops, googled for the page too quickly. Thanks for pointing out the right link, updated post. I think the wobbles are something we'll have to accept at these light weights. I've got a similar wobble on my 13 inch macbook air depending on the surface I'm typing on and how hard I press the keys...
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    N-Trig jitter is driving me nuts!

    It's been years of the same thing, and they'd have to invent completely new technology. Not impossible, but I'm saying switching back to Wacom is the ideal choice for artists perspective. The current tech easily works for 99% of the users, and so I don't think you should expect some crazy...
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    Display Driver Errors driving me crazy..!!!

    The driver I listed is NEWER than anything microsoft has shipped to you, unless you're running the insider builds. I am running Visual Studio 2015 AND Edge no problem with this driver. I agree with the optimizations for battery life from the manufacturer driver set, but I'd much rather have a...
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    Given the wrong model? No GPU shown

    Remove the clipboard from the dock, and then dock it again. I've had my nvidia card disappear while the laptop was docked and it refused to show back up until I physically re-docked it. Frustrating driver issues like this are part of the initial revision, but it does make me nervous that...
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    N-Trig jitter is driving me nuts!

    That's how n-trig works, period. The only way this will ever change is if they go back to Wacom. End of story. Anything you're seeing that is smoother, is all software interpretation. The actual lines drawn very slowly with an n-trig will always be jittery, as it uses a grid system and what...
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    Display Driver Errors driving me crazy..!!!

    The intel driver issue is exactly that, a driver issue and is only properly resolved once the updated drivers are released and installed. All these "workarounds" that don't involve updating drivers are nonsense, and are not actually changing anything. I was randomly getting driver crashes when...
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    How do you turn of Adaptive contrast enhancement ?

    Manually install the latest intel drivers, and you'll get back the intel graphics options: Download from Download Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 7/8.1/10* [15.40] and extract. Manually select the intel 520 in device manager and Update Driver -> Browse My Computer ->...
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    Touchpad Issues

    The touchpad issues with Chrome are fixed in the latest Windows insider build, so we should see it in next month's update. PSA: Chrome users, install latest insider build to fix touchpad scrolling. • /r/Surface

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