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    To those upgrading from SP3 --> SP4, what will you do with your old one?

    I can always find someone who needs one, however Ive consider eBay. If you don't want the hassle, the check the Microsoft Store. They were offering a decent amount for trade. I wouldn't bother with the retailers. Their trade offers are 1/3 of the value and 1/2 of the Microsoft Store offer.
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    Display flickering at 50% brightness and below

    Do you have Hyper-V enabled? There is a known issue. You have to disable Hyper-V. No flickering for me since. You can try disabling auto dimming, but that hasn't created any flickering for me.
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    Display Driver Crashing

    Same here. No good. It is primarily but not limited to Edge.
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    Display Driver Crashing

    Thanks for the tip. It really doesn't want to install this driver. However, it seems to be working just fine. So far so good.
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    Already Bought Book Then Returned It For SP4

    Totally agree. I was an early adopter of the SP1. Great little device but it was a first try. The SP4 is far ahead of it's predecessor. The book is a fantastic concept, but too early for me to jump on. I saw an article summarize it well. The SP4 is a Tablet turned Laptop. The Surface...
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    SP4 freeze issue

    I've had short freezes of less than a second followed by a video driver failure alert. That's stopped lately. I did have the touch screen completely stop responding associated with a constant flickering of the screen. The later was attributed to Hyper-V. I had to disable it and then...
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    Already Bought Book Then Returned It For SP4

    Sounds silly. The charging for the power cover was different. It would at least charge the surface to 50% before charging the cover. I did read the charger can be attached directly to the Clipboard.
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    Forum member hands on reviews SP4

    I've started to notice the same just while perusing this forum. The video hangs for a split second and then a notice pops up about a video driver crash. I get the pop sound, too. Doesn't happen very often and doesn't stop me, but certainly annoying.
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    SP4- Windows Hello

    Surprisingly, no. I used Hello in a dimly lit basement. It worked. It doesn't seem to like hats or anything that changes your face. Glasses haven't bothered it on or off.
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    Already Bought Book Then Returned It For SP4

    Thanks, this validated what drew me back to the Surface Pro 4. I had not thought about the kickstand. What stopped me is the low clipboard battery life and the lack of any ports on the clipboard. Hello - USB drive?
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    Considering an SP4 M3/i5 - Does it have the power?

    The i5 with 8GB RAM has been plenty powerful enough for me. I have noticed the fan on when downloading and installing apps or when Windows update kicks in. It hasn't been terribly loud. I'm coming from a first generation Surface Pro where the fan was very noticeable when you tax the...
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    Forum member hands on reviews SP4

    So far not bad despite a few glitches. Coming from an original Surface Pro 128 GB, this new Surface Pro 4 256 is brilliant. Microsoft has come a long, long way from the first generation. It's not gone fully through the paces yet, but so far it works great. The new keyboard is an...
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    Extremely slow download of 8.1 on desktop but it whizzed right in on Surface Pro

    I'm going take a wild guess and say there are a lot of us trying to download at the same time. It worked quickly on my desktop early this morning. It's taken hours for my Surface Pro and the progress bar has barely made it 20%. Sent from the app for Windows 8
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    Check your updates, 8.1 bug fixes out today...

    Same here. If you look closely, the message says it found updates, but there is no link/button to install. Strange.
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    Surface RT 8.1 Preview

    Two tries and it finally worked. Neat new features. I need to test it out using an external monitor. Does anyone know what the point of putting the start button on the taskbar was? When people complained about losing the start button, I think they meant the menu it opened, not just the...

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