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    RX470 on a Surface pro 3?

    Hi, For using a external GPU in a Box as Graphics Accelerator you need a Thunderbolt 2.0 or 3.0 Port. The Surface Pro 3 does NOT have such a port. We do have a MiniDisplayPort, but thats for Video Out only. AFAIK it's impossible to use an external GPU with the Surface 3 Pro.
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    90° turned surface blocks keyboard input

    Hello, Connecting a Keyboard to my Surface 3 Pro blocks the rotation Lock. It's greyed out. But when i turn the Tablet 90° around it still changes screen orientation. I have to detach the keyboard and manually activate the rotation lock. The next issue is that when my Tablet is 90° turned...
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    Worst battery powered device ever, my SP3...

    Because i wanted to kn0w how long my Battery Lasts i've written a small script that writes down Batterylevel every 10 Minutes. Then i've used Caffeine to prevent the PC from going into sleep. Let my Tablet idle around with 100% Screen Brightness. 1457:100 1507:100 1517:100 1527:93 1537:91...
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    Worst battery powered device ever, my SP3...

    i do not have a SIMPLO Battery, and yet my Batterylife is always bad. BATTERY 1 NAME X883815 MANUFACTURER LGC-LGC SERIAL NUMBER 1160780292 CHEMISTRY LION DESIGN CAPACITY mWh FULL CHARGE CAPACITY mWh CYCLE COUNT 273 But i do have to admit that i moslty use my device with 100% Screen...
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    How many times have you replaced the main battery in your SP3 Pen?

    so i had to replace by battery today. First time ever, and i got my Surface Pro 3 pretty early after release. But well yeah, i don't really use it that often, and i rarely use the pen ^^ I was shocked why my pen wouldn't work. I always tought the pen itself was passive. But well... seeing the...
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    Surface Pro 3 Battery Fix has been released in today's Firmware Update

    Woah... and i only made the update by chance. Lucky i had 80% battery left and nothing connected.
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    Intel i5-4300U displays as 2.5 GHz in Windows system control panel

    If you want to modify anything... Download Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU)
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    Improving SSD performance

    Never got the Email :(
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    Ubuntu 16.04/10 easy installation?

    or you can use microsofts Hyper V. which allows for compressed vhd's. regarding performace, you can get about 95-99% of a real installation. no gpgpu stuff but we dont have that on the ULV chips either way ^^
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    What is your average battery life on your SP3?

    this is mine: set DD=%DATE:~0,2% set MM=%DATE:~3,2% set YY=%DATE:~8,2% set YYYY=%DATE:~6,4% set HH=%TIME:~0,2% set MN=%TIME:~3,2% powercfg /batteryreport /output "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\Battery Log\battery_report_%YYYY%.%MM%.%DD%-%HH%%MN%.html" & powercfg /sleepstudy /output...
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    Measure CPU temperature

    Can't wait for the day the surface will have a 35W CPU inside and an external cooling dock which limits the CPU to 10W in Tablet mode. But yeah. Thats gonna take a while. BTT Intel XTU is the name of the one utility you need. Reports all stats about CPU, GPU and power usage. Any it also...
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    TouchScreen Monitor.

    What? Why?
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    Measure CPU temperature

    Or you just use it outdoors.... -15C is the perfect temperature for overclocking tests xD
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    Charging port on power brick

    Had the same problem with my Xperia Z2, contacted M$ support, they sent me a new Brick, it worked.
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    Disabled connected standby, now sleep no longer an option.

    Originally it was 4hours before CS was over and Hibernation started, or not? AFAIK only with Windows 10 we got the poweroption to choose our own time. I have mine on 60Minutes. If I don't use it again after 60 minutes I don't need CS anyway.

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