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    New Surface Pro Marvell Avastar 350N Wi-Fi drivers 14.69.24044.150

    Updated two my Surface Pros (version 1) running Windows 8.1 and they do indeed fix the Miracast issue.
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    Docking Stations are Here!

    Yeah .... about that four .... Funny you ask ... I ordered the first two on the web early Tuesday morning and was surprised that the web site allowed me to order them. I figured it was a fluke, but what the heck. My wife then went to the Microsoft Store in Bellevue, Wa to see if see could get...
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    Docking Stations are Here!

    Just an FYI ... I have been able to purchase 4 of these docking stations without an issue. I purchased two of them at the Microsoft store in Bellevue and I ordered two of them online and those were shipped today. The Microsoft store web site is kind of messed up because it will say "Coming...

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