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    Surface Dial added App tool missing

    Love the Surface Dial, but I have noticed that after I add settings for Google Chrome, they don't show up in the App tool list. Now I can't change them for Chrome. Anyone else experience this or know how to fix it?
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    CPU load high when docked

    Ugh, I ran into this boot the boot loop problem. So damn tired of this.
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    CPU load high when docked

    There are times I need audio and this problem rears its UGLY head again. I'm still having the high "System interrupts" percentage issue when Cortana is turned off and thus have massive battery drain even when the system is plugged in! I've tried many of the latest drivers for all my audio...
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    Logitech K810 keyboard and 9/9/14 firmware update

    Ugh, this problem is still lurking on SP3 hardware. Pressing the K810 Caps Lock causes a slight stutter in Bluetooth mouse movement and Bluetooth audio. Pressing it repeatedly causes a full blown Bluetooth lock up for a period of time, seemingly relative to the number of times Caps Lock is...
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    Solved Surface Pen paired and Top Button working but no writing

    Was this problem solved with just a new battery in the pen? I've tried all of the above suggestions, all of these suggestions and replaced the batteries with new ones but still no joy. This seemed to happen after the 1903 update :mad:
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    CPU load high when docked

    I never found a proper fix for this. A complete reinstall of Windows (1803) with latest audio drivers does not work either. I finally just went into the UEFI settings and disabled the onboard audio hardware completely just so this bug and Cortana won't eat my battery for no good reason. This is...
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    SOS - Surface

    Do you mean this?
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    Solved HELP! WiFi has disappeared on Surface Pro 3, i7, 256 GB, Windows 10

    Have you tried running the troubleshooting programs under Settings / Update & Security / Troubleshoot: Internet Connections, Network Adaptor? Or this?
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    SOS - Surface

    I think you are looking for this. Also, these videos may be helpful.
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    CPU load high when docked

    @Relativity nailed the problem. Enabling "Hey Cortana" fixes the high System Interrupt CPU usage (on up to 2 logical processors at a time that I have seen). I'll attempt to reinstall the Microphone Array drivers or find another work around as I do not want the "Hey Cortana" feature turned on all...
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    High CPU utilization booting in dock

    Yes, your work around eliminates the CPU usage I was seeing. I bet most people don't even know this is happening. My battery life thanks you! I am going to research to see if there is an actual fix. Related thread... CPU load high when docked - Although, this happens when I am docked or not.
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    Shame on Microsoft - that are rendering RT unusable

    Without security updates, it really starts to become a liability. I'd advise only connecting it to a separate isolated virtual network or, at the very least, a guest network. There may be life left for it after your app options die. I took an old phone and made it into a HVAC controller and...
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    SP3 extremely slow startup

    Search thought the forum here, many suggestions for this already.
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    Shame on Microsoft - that are rendering RT unusable

    I truly feel your pain. Unfortunately, there is a point of diminishing returns for companies to continue supporting older hardware/software platforms. Traditionally Microsoft has a minimum support to EOL (end of life) that averages around 2-3 years from a product release date. Sometimes more...

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