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    Bluetooth headphones / buds.....

    Thanks Sin.... I obviously didn't hold start long enough..... thank you so much! You saved my bacon.... ;-)
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    Anybody have issues with the 64 Gig SanDisk Micro SDXC Class 10 UHS-1 from Amazon?

    Good news as I purchased it for my GF's RT but it hasn't been used yet as it is a present..... ;-)
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    Bluetooth headphones / buds.....

    I purchased a pair of Motorola S10-HD phones because they were listed as working with the Surface RT. I can't seem to pair them at all with the Surface. They pair fine with my Samsung Tab & a Logitech keyboard pairs fine with the Surface. Has anyone got a recommendation for some...
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    Photos Appearing on Start Page

    I wondered the same thing.... thanks for asking!!
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    The deadly school shooting

    ArnoldC, so many possible causes / contributions. The list is well known and some would anger many a techy. Violence in Movies, violence in computer games, "no GOD in schools", breakdown of the family, women in the workplace, the disbelief in Obama's reelection, etc., etc..... The religion...
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    The deadly school shooting

    Mr NK, sorry about answering the spam as it was unrelated to our wonderful RT's.
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    Picture Password

    using picture myself with no issues.....
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    The deadly school shooting

    a very difficult issue with deeply entrenched viewpoints on both sides. I have a gun but it does not define who I am. My first gun was purchased when I lived in Miami & home invasions were increasing. Hearing someone in the house with no plausible response as to defense seemed lame. I kept...
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    Is anyone using a 3rd party stylus with their Surface?

    I would be interested also as sometimes my fingers are just too big.....
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    Surface Case Reviews

    Just received the WaterField Tablet Ultimate Sleeve Case and i looks great. I chose to order the 44-28 size as the last report mentioned the recommended size as tight. This is for my GF and I didn't want her breaking a fingernail..... ;-) Very good fit and finish for a protective bag.... no...
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    Recommendations on a good Bluetooth mouse that has been proven to work on the Surface

    I picked this up for my GF (folds flat) but haven't used it yet as the Surface is due in today........ Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse - Black: Computers & Accessories
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    Surface Case Reviews

    Thanks for the reports guys... I need to order my GF something before Xmas......
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    5 Days Old, Say It Ain't So....BROKE

    I have read of this on other sites..... great that it comes back but not so good if you really needed it then!